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Unimagined and unplanned summer trip to Portugal

Unimagined and unplanned summer trip to Portugal

Summer Trip to Portugal

Planning for some adventure this summer? The notion of a solo trip can be a bit devastating at first, but once you get past the initial fear of travelling alone, the benefits of vacationing by yourself become evident. Therefore plan a summer trip to Portugal.

In south-west Europe, nestling between Spain and the Atlantic is one of the least well known destinations on the continent: Portugal. It is the land of history, with a rich, superbly well-preserved heritage that is nevertheless resolutely modern, the things you can do in this little country will astonish you, as well as how welcoming its inhabitants are, its food and its traditions.

Spend your summer in Portugal and you’ll soon fall in love with this dazzling corner of Europe. Its extensive coastline is made for long lazy days by the sea, especially at its popular beach resorts. Many travelers come to Portugal in summer seeking adventure, whether through surfing or discovering hilltop castles. Whatever you choose to do a summer vacation in Portugal will be one to remember.

Is Portugal safe for solo travelers?

Safety is one of the most important factors to all the solo travelers and one can honestly say that it is incredibly safe walking around the streets of Porto, Lisbon and Faro both day and night. Of course, this isn’t a big surprise after Portugal was ranked as the third safest country in the world in the Global Peace index.

Cost efficiency in Portugal

While it’s not on par with Thailand or Vietnam, Portugal is pretty affordable when it comes to travelling in Western Europe; even in the Azores, like the beautiful island of Sao Miguel. Meals can be found for under 10 euro at cheap/mid-range restaurants (though to careful, any bread or olives etc. put on the table in front of you also come with a range, so don’t accept or eat them unless you’re willing to pay).

summer trip to Portugal

Frequently used Language

Language is a common barrier when travelling, and can be especially daunting to deal with when travelling solo. However, it will be a little bit surprising to discover that English is widely spoken across Portugal, and not only in the tourist areas. While most of the older generations don’t speak English, the young people and much of the baby boomer populations spoke it very well.

Portugal is a gorgeous country with plenty to see and do, so it’s on your radar don’t let not having a travel companion get in your way. Try solo travel in Portugal, it will be an amazing time.

Why should tourists visit Portugal especially in summers?

The sun-kissed Portuguese coast is made for summer vacations. Excellent train connects the center of Lisbon and other cities right to the beaches. Portugal’s central and southern regions are among the warmest areas on the continent, too. Savor the balmy summer nights on restaurant terraces with a bottle of local wine, or perhaps by the pool at your own villa.

Best things to do in Portugal during summers

Portugal’s summer is ideal for making the most of the sunshine by the water, and savoring the country’s famed delicious local wines and seafood.

Faro is the renowned capital of the Algarve, Portugal’s beloved southern vacation region. Spend the morning swimming at Faro Island Beach, a long stretch of golden sand. Later, tourists can have lunch outdoors at a restaurant in the old town.

  • Enjoy golf on the Atlantic coast

There are a number of idyllic golf courses between Faro and Lagos, which are perfect for teeing off in the sunny summer weather. A number of fine country hotels and villas are located beside them, perfect for a luxurious break with easy access to the country’s best golf courses.

  • Explore Sintra’s royal history

The gorgeous town of Sintra is just a 30-minute train journey from the capital, Lisbon. Take the train early and stop off for a queijada, the delicious local cheese pastry. If you’re feeling up for a workout, climb the steep paths leading up to the fantasy-like Pena Palace, or opt for a bus to get you there.

  • Go through Porto’s wine caves

Porto is a picturesque city, ideal for walks along the river and visiting its many historic churches. When you want to cool off, head into the port wine caves. This legendry fortified drink is one of the country’s main exports, and after a tasting you’ll need to make room in your luggage to bring one bottle home.

  • Visit the ancient university city, Coimbra

Coimbra is home to one of the world’s oldest universities, founded in the 13th century. It’s a perfect destination for outdoor exploration, with attractions like the University Botanical Garden and Mermaid’s Garden. Don’t miss a tour of the university itself, including its stunning Joaina Library.

Tips for Solo travels in Portugal

  • Just like all major cities everywhere in the world, you do need to watch for pickpockets, especially in Lisbon.
  • Lisbon also has a reputation for drug dealers, however according to the locals; most of it is fake and is just a scam for unwitting tourists looking to try something new in a country that has decriminalized drugs.
  • If you are booking train tickets, try to do so as early as possible – you will get much cheaper tickets
  • Some areas are hard, or even impossible, to explore by public transportation. If you don’t want to rent a car, consider doing day tours.

summer trip to Portugal

After reading this blog, one cannot stop to thinking about a summer trip to Portugal. Easily apply for a Portugal visa in these days so that till the time of summer you have everything handy and can easily execute your travelling plan.


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Plan an unforgettable Easter 2021 in Portugal

Easter 2021 in Portugal

Portugal is a country rich in history and heritage and steeped in religious ritual and tradition. Its culture represents layer upon layer of different civilizations that lived in and ruled Europe’s westernmost country during past millennia – from prehistoric cultures to the Phoenicians and the Romans, arching Germanic invasions, the Sephardic Jewish migration and finally Moorish conquest and subsequent dispossession. Today, Portugal is largely Roman Catholic but pieces of these activities civilizations can still be found here, in museums and monuments – yes – but also a small villages and abandoned churches; in the language with its mix of Latin and Arabic consequences and of course on table. Don’t miss to enjoy your Easter 2021 in Portugal.

The Portuguese Holy Week has many things in common with Easter in other countries of the world, but it also has its particularities, such as certain typical Easter meals or the traditional “folar” cake.

Beyond processions and image worship, Portugal keeps alive other Easter behaviors that should be considered when visiting Porto or Lisbon. In the case of folar, this tradition dates back many centuries and experts do not agree to its source.

Folar is a sweet and dry bread cake filled with eggs that godparents give to their godchildren on Easter Sunday as a symbol of union and friendship. In exchange, young men give an olive branch to men and a bouquet of violets to women. This custom continues until the age of 18 or until the sponsored person marries, although more and more traditions are being lost.

Easter 2021 in Portugal

We have mentioned five of the best Portuguese Easter Foods, all of them are full of flavor and history:

Lamb or Baby Goat

A holiday tradition in many parts of the world, roast lamb is often the centerpiece of the Portuguese table or Easter Sunday. Harking back to the Jewish tradition, lamb represents the sacrifice during the Hebrew exodus from Egypt.


If food would have been a religion in Portugal, then cofish would have been its most holy fish. It’s said that there are approx 365 different ways to prepare bacalhau, the Portuguese national dish of salted, dried codfish – one for each day of the year. True or not, one thing is for sure – on Good Friday, bacalhau will be consumed by Portuguese families across the country in keeping with the tradition of abstaining from neat until Easter Sunday.

Pao de Lo

A true Easter Pao de Lo is a very light sponge cake made only with sugar, eggs, flour and lemon zest or a pinch of cinnamon. One of the best-known desserts in Portugal, and certainly one of the cherished Portuguese Easter foods, this cake has its origin in the 15th century. As is true of many of the most beloved Portuguese sweets, it was traditionally made in Convents by nuns and is very rich in eggs. Legend has it that traditional conventual desserts here are made with so many egg yolks because the sisters used egg whites to starch their habits.

Folar Da Pascoa

Representing the breaking of bread during the last supper and the execution of Christ, Folar Da Pascoa is traditional Portuguese Easter bread. Sweet yeast bread, it contains hard-boiled eggs in their shells under a cross made of dough. Regional variations include the additional of cinnamon or lemon zest. In some regions, especially those in the North, it can be served as savory bread, wrapped around pieces of pork, cured ham or chourico. Whether sweet or savory, it is one of the Portuguese Easter foods which are beloved by everyone.


There is a Portuguese legend that says that once upon a time when the Algarve region was ruled by the Moors, a young and handsome Moorish price married a beautiful Nordic Princess. Though they were madly in love, she pined for the snowy landscapes of her homeland. The prince, not wanting his beloved to suffer, planted thousands of almond trees, as far as the eye could see. And, in spring, when the trees burst into beautiful white blooms, the Princess looked out of the castle window and imagined that she was home and that the land is covered in snow – such is the beauty of almond trees in bloom.

Other than these sweets you can explore Portugal as well during the time of Easter 2021. Book or hire a car in Lisbon and you are well situated to venture to other locations around the country where you can experience Easter more fully, while the capital is ideal for egg hunts in its parks and gardens – the children love it! – and the candy stores provide a variety of the most colorful almonds.

To be graced with a more traditional experience you need to head further north: by the Atlantic coast, the town of Obidos holds quite a number of events, from processions and re-enactments to children-oriented activities.

Easter 2021 in Portugal

Drive in your Portugal hire car to Braga, a well-sought Holy Week by pilgrims and host to several religious processions during the season. While there, be sure to also visit the Bom Jesus do Monte sanctuary, a neoclassic relic with a grand Barroque   stairway – you can find to munch a few slices of Folar to boost your energy and climb all those steps!

In just three easy steps apply for your Portugal visa online, so that you can get in on time for your Easter 2021 in Portugal. Other than all these details you can also explore for the best places to visit in Portugal which will help you utilize your time.

Try your stay at beach resorts in Portugal

Beach Resorts in Portugal

Portugal is blessed with some truly outstanding beach resorts, as one of Europe’s top sun seeking destinations. The majority of beach resorts in Portugal lie along the coast, an Atlantic Ocean seaboard of stunning geographical and environmental diversity.

Also the Southern Portugal’s Algarve Coastline is specially constraining, with its superb beaches, world-class golf courses, historic seaside towns and beautiful natural parks.

The small Iberian Peninsula country has some of Europe’s best beaches. The weather is best in the summer months, but doable outside the high season, though you may want to wear a wet suit if you swim or surf in the Atlantic Ocean. Tourists are offered so many activities to do by these beach resorts; they may have to go home to rest up for their vacations.

We have mentioned the list of best beach resorts in Portugal.

Best beach resorts in Portugal

Find your preferred beach resorts in Portugal through the description provided below:

Martinhal Sagres Beach Family resort

Near the significant town of Sarges, Martinhal sarges beach family resort, defines the luxury family holiday destination. It is set in beautiful grounds, overlooking Martinhal beach, this lauded resort has been carefully created with taking families in mind, and also children of all ages are welcomed here with open arms.

Beach Resorts in Portugal

Portuguese traditional cuisine is celebrated with gusto at the resort’s chic oceanfront as Dunas restaurant, where serving fresh seafood is the specialty. Other than all this the modern O Terraco restaurant also serves resort guests, including those staying at the five-star Hotel Martinhal, distinguished for its clusters of wood-wrapped cuboids Beach houses designed as if born from nature.

Penha Longa Resort

This densly forested and granite hewn Parque Natural de Sintra-Cascais provides a suitably dramatic backdrop for this outstanding resort, the focal point of which is a wealthy appointed five-star hotel.

Beach Resorts in Portugal

All the foodie tourists are in for a treat. Complementing Penha Longa’s already highly regarded Arola, Midori and il mercato restaurants, the hotel’s LAB restaurant is a gourmet reference point. This menu is designed by very famous chef Sergi Arola, it features original fusion cuisine prepared to such technical and imaginative finesse that Michelin has awarded Arola and his team a bright, glistening star.

Vila Vita Parc Resort and Spa

All the accommodation choices here range from bright, breezy rooms and suites replete with a refined, classical design signature with relaxing ocen-view terraces to airy, liberate villas with private swimming pools.

Beach Resorts in Portugal

Five star amenities of this resort include a series of landscaped swimming pools, a nine-hole pitch-and-putt practice of golf course and the Vital Spa, where you can wind down effortlessly – exuberant Jacuzzi is heaven for all. More active tourists can always take part in a fitness class or strength training session, and for youngsters there’s the fun-packed Annabela’s kids Park.

Hotel the Cliff Bay

It is counted in one of Maderia’s premium resorts and is situated on a natural promontory high above the island’s capital, Funchal. Besides this advantaged position, the hotel commands a fabulous Atlantic Ocean panorama, a brilliant mantle of royal blue and the domain of whales, dolphins and sailfish.

Beach Resorts in Portugal

Gracefully styled in line with local architecture, the hotel is surrounded by spruce gardens sprinkled with centenary palms. In the spring season, the nearby grounds positively sing with color. The design on the terrace melds five-star property with the cliff face and allows guests direct access to the sea.

Other guest amenities extend to Avista, a charming terrace restaurant, the kitchen of which is also supervised by Cliff Bay’s Benoit Sinthon.

Cascatas Golf Resort and Spa

Cascatas means cascades or waterfalls in Portuguese, and this crafty Algarve resort is so named for its incredible water features that decorate the grounds surrounding the hotel.

Beach Resorts in Portugal

Residing here is to relax in luxury accommodation configured as one two or three bedroom suites, as well as a four-bedroom suite with a fully equipped kitchen. It is served by not less than six restaurants offering Portuguese and international gastronomy, including Italian cuisine.

Conrad Algarve

Algarve is the most exclusive holiday destination in Quinta do Lago, the modern Conrad Algarve sits well among the beautiful villas and world-honored golf courses this pocket of Southern Portugal is known for.

Beach Resorts in Portugal

It is very impressive in size and status and enjoying for contemporary design, relaxation and technology, this five-star gem boasts one hundred fifty four guest rooms and suites, accommodation that includes the stunning Roof Garden Suite, which features a plunge pool in the lounge – yes, in the lounge!

Praia D’EI Rey Marriott Golf and Beach Resort

The 18-hole layout design of Praia D’EI Rey Marriott Golf and Beach resort designed by American golf architect Cabell B. Robinson is a confronting mixture of seaside links and parkland holes. The bald contrast between sandy dunes and lush fairways is not lost on players who require an accurate game, especially when a breeze sandy dunes and lush fairways is not lost on players who require an accurate game, especially when a stiff breeze whips up off the Atlantic.

Beach Resorts in Portugal

This hotel is canonically styled and is of palatial dimensions – unveils itself along cliff tops and over grounds that run seamlessly into the contours of the golf course. It has 177 guest rooms and nine suites, all with private terraces or balconies; they offer either ocean or golf course views. This resort has a unique selection of beachfront townhouses and apartments which are ideal for family stays.

Near to this resort is a must see sightseeing excursion named Obidos, an enchanting hill town enclosed within 14th– century walls and often voted Portugal’s prettiest place to visit.

We hope this list of beach resorts in Portugal for family visit helps you to choose the best resort for your family’s stay. All of these are one better than other. You can easily choose as per your family’s preference. Instantly apply for your family’s Portugal visa so that you can easily make the bookings once the visa is stamped by the embassy.

Top 10 things Portugal is Famous For

Portugal is Famous For

Portugal sits on the edge of Europe in relative obscurity, especially when compared to neighboring Spain and France. Many people have not only heard of Spain and France, but could easily list a few facts about each country and its culture. Portugal is a country in Southern Europe, located on the Iberian Peninsula, bordering Spain. Home to over 10 million people, this country located on the shores of Atlantic Ocean, has its Portuguese culture highly influenced by the inherent geographical advantages. It’s also the European country with the oldest borders. Plan your travel to Portugal and do not miss on the top things Portugal is famous for.

Portugal is famous for its typical seafood dishes, popular beach destinations and 16th and 19th century architecture, from when Portugal was a powerful maritime empire. It is also known for its soccer legends, fado music, historical cities, and port wine.

10 Things Portugal is Famous For


Porto Wine

Portugal is very famous for the production of Port Wine, which is produced in the Douro Valley in Northern Portugal. It’s the country’s national drink and has been produced here, using the grapes grown in the Douro Valley near Porto, for more than 250 years.


The Port Wine is created using a blend of grapes, including: Touriga Nacional, Touriga Franca, Tinta Roriz, Tinta Barroca and Tinta Cao.


Its impossible not to think of football while thinking of Portugal. Almost all the famous celebrities of Portugal are footballers, for example Cristiana Ronaldo, Luis Figo and Eusebio.

Portugal is Famous For

Portugal’s football team is amongst the world’s top football teams, wining the UEFA European Championship in 2016 and reaching the finals of the FIFA World Cup on seven occasions.

Beautiful beaches

It is also known for its many charming and notorious beaches. For tourist, spending the summer there has been one of the most common travel plans among tourists worldwide. The beaches are best particularly in the Algarve which also has more than 300 days of sunshine every year. Praia da Marinha, in Particular, has received countless awards and has been featured on CNN and trip-advisor, while Dona Ana in Lagos has been featured in Conde Nast Traveler Magazine.


Golf in Porto

Portugal and particularly Algarve, is the most popular golfing destination in Europe and it also has most popular golf courses in the country. At the World Golf Awards in 2014 it won ‘best golf destination in Europe’ and the “best golf destination in the world’. In the same year, six Algarve golf courses were listed in the application publication Golf World’s Top 100 courses in Continental Europe 2014. Other than this it is one of Europe’s most famous golfing destinations.


Azulejos tiles

Azulejos is a ceramic tile used in many buildings of Portugal and especially Lisbon. Azulejos means small polished stone in Arabic.

It was introduced when Portugal was under Moorish rule and was predominantly simple colors, especially blue and white. Over time, newer tiles have started to depict a scene.


The most famous sites that include these tiles are: Sao Bento Railway Station in Porto and the Bucaco Palace.


Porto is one of the top surfing destinations in Europe. You can find some of the biggest waves in the world here, which attracts surfers from across the globe. The best surfing spots include: Lagos, Algarve – Peniche, Oeste – Matosinhos near Porto.


Hawaiian, Garrett McNamara, surfed the highest was ever recorded in 2012. He caught the 78-foot wave just outside Nazare.

Vasco De Gama

The very famous Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama was born in Sines around 1460.

In 1947 he was commissioned by the king to find a maritime route to the east and became the first person to sail directly from Europe to India.


There is a record-breaking bridge in Lisbon named after him. At more than 10 miles long, the Vasco da Gama Bridge is the longest in Europe. It has connected the northern and southern parts of the country since 1998.

Costa Vicentina

In lieu of the captivating Costa Vicentina is one of the most exciting stretches on the Portuguese coast: it starts from Sines in the Coastal Alentejo to Praia do Burgau, already very close to the city of Lagos in the Algarve. This place is favored by Nature, where you can breathe ocean breeze scented mountain air.



It is the capital of Portugal and the most populated city as well in the country. It is home to over half a million people. Very well known as the “city of the seven hills”, it is the perfect balance between old and Modern. Here you will find colorful buildings, spots to enjoy the traditional Fado music, and many landmarks linked to the Portuguese age of Discovery.

Portugal is Famous For

Pastel de Nata

Pastel De Nata or Pastel de Belem is one of the most popular typical sweets Portugal is famous for. Though you can enjoy these custard tarts in many cafes, but the original recipe is an exclusive secret of the Fabrica dos Pasteis de Belem, in Lisbon.


Portugal is a place which is filled with many tourist attractions and a lot many other things to do. Above was the list of top 10 things Portugal is famous for, you try all of them and you will not regret your decision for trying them. Plan your travel in mid of March for a better experience in Portugal; apply for Portugal Visa so that you can get it on time according to your planned travel dates.

All about the Fantasporto International Film Festival 2021

Fantasporto International Film Festival 2021

Fantasporto, which is also known as Fantas, is an international film festival. It is annually organized since 1981 in Porto, Portugal. It is giving screen space to fantasy/science fiction/horror-oriented commercial feature films, auteur films and experimental projects from all over the world; Fantasporto has now created enthusiastic audiences, ranging from cinephiles to more popular spectators, with an annual average of 110,000 attendees. In spite of being organized by a private entity, the event is mostly state funded, with the Ministry of Culture of Portugal leading and the President of the Republic as head of the Honor Committee in addition to several private sponsors. The news dates have came up now for the much awaited Fantasporto International Film Festival 2021.

With its doors open to the World Fantasporto International Film Festival is now on its way for its 41st edition wedged to its motto, “Fantas goes Global”. There are three indicators through which its worldwide growth can be been seen clearly in media. First, last year we received film submission from all continents and 76 countries. Formerly in the same year, there were 43 world premieres across the competitions.

And the third point that shows the impact and reorganization of Fantasporto abroad is that Porto welcomed roughly 200 film crew members – in 2020, 73% of films were screened in the presence of the director and crew. As the film selection goes, it may be measured by the applause that heavily follow each presentation.

Fantasporto International Film Festival 2021

Fantasporto has reached many countries in very small time through world media. In 2021 as well Fantasporto International Film Festival 2021 shall once again be a film celebration bringing the name of Porto to every corner of the world.

The festival is very important for the critics and the Portuguese market. Fantasporto has now developed as the Portuguese festival. Authorities consider the Portuguese festival to be interesting and diverse. The director of this festival Mario Dorminski is also a distributor with good relations to Spanish broadcasters.

Details of the Festival

Type: Feature Film and Short Film Festival

Theme: Fantasy films

Location: Porto (Portugal)

Duration: 23rd February 2021 to 7th March 2021

Awards and Prizes:

  • The best work in each category of the festival will be awarded: Fiction (short and feature length), Animation, Documentary, and Experimental, for each competition.
  • Official Section: Best film, Best direction, Best Actor/Actress, Best Screenplay, Best special Effects, Special Jury Award, Best Short Fantasy film, Melies d’Argent Award (Best European Fantasy Feature and short Film).
  • Director’s Week: Best film, Best New Director, Best Screenplay, Special Jury Award, Best Actor/Actress.
  • Orient Express: Best Film Award, Fantasporto Special Award.

Direction: Mr. Mario Dorminsky

Artistic Director: Ms. Beatriz Pacheco Pereira

Fantasporto International Film Festival 2021

If you are planning to make your travel to Portugal, you should select the dates in end of February so that at the same time you can enjoy one of the best film festivals of the world that is The Fantasporto International Film festival 2021. There is enough from now to apply for Portugal Visa. In a single travelling plan you can enjoy the festival as well as explore Portugal and watch all the best places to visit in Portugal during this time.

EasyJet resumes 51 routes from Portugal


Easy Jet flight are reopening, a return to “normal”, It’s official, on June 15, the EasyJets airline company is now flying 51 routes in and out of Portugal. Indeed,  EasyJet resumes 51 routes from Portugal on 63  of Portugal’s four main airports (Lisbon, Oporto, Faro and Funchal) have started flying allowing foreign tourists and Portuguese to fly.

Since the beginning of the health crisis, the air sector has been at a standstill. The financial situation and future of some low-cost airlines was more than unclear. However, the situation in the European Union seems to be moving and the barriers restricting travel are being lifted more and more. As EasyJets flights reopening,  travelers will be able to come to Portugal while buying their ticket at an affordable price.

A reopening that is not without risk

However, Covid-19 obliges, the gestures barriers will be put in place not to endanger the lives of employees, or even those of passengers, wearing the mandatory mask and disinfecting the aircraft will be done after each flight.

“This launch comes at a time of uncertainty,” says EasyJet Portugal’s director general, José Lopes, – adding that the airline “will continue to monitor demand trends and the various restrictions in the market” so that it can “gradually adjust its offer” of routes.

As EsayJets start flying again from Portugal, it is now possible for visitors to come out their country, Portugal’s airports offer routes with France, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany, Luxembourg and Italy.

For Portugal and its tourists, a summer holiday saved

For you as for us, Summer is synonymous with travel, escapade or and tourism. And many people want to enjoy their summer.

A situation that EasyJets Portugal news  is well welcomed: “Today we recover 80% of our routes and bring to our passengers 2/3 of our crew. We couldn’t be happier because we are going to travel on most of our routes throughout Europe, which means that customers can still reach their chosen destination for this year’s summer vacation,” adds José Lopes.

As a result EasyJets resumes 51 routes from Portugal, if you want to come to Portugal, you now fix a Portugal visa appointment in order to  apply for Portugal visa, you can find all the information on our website.

Faro District Tourism – 5 Vibrant Tourist Spots to Mesmerize you

Faro District Tourism

Portugal is one of the most sought-after tourist destinations on the planet. Faro District, in particular, is an alluring tourist destination for sybarites and travellers. Faro District Tourism offers a plethora of spell-binding locations to captivate you and your loved ones.

Faro is the capital city of Algarve and is primarily a coastal town. Delectable seafood, serene beaches and beautiful restaurants welcome you as you visit this enchanting place. In addition to that, there is a beautiful lagoon with intertwined waterways between the islands. You can explore exotic & diverse birdlife on the natural park of Ria Formosa.

Popular places like Lagos, Sagres, Carvoeiro, Albufeira & Vilamoura of Portugal are some of the must-visit places to relish an amazing vacation. So, apply for Portugal visa and explore the hidden gems of Faro District with your loved ones.

5 Astounding locations of Faro District Tourism

Faro district comprises of 16 municipalities. This means that Faro District Tourism offers a wide range of places for tourists and sybarites. However, there are 5 captivating tourist destinations to offer you a memorable experience. These destinations are

Lagos, Portugal – Bustling Coastal Town

The lively coastal town of Lagos, Portugal boasts of sandy bays, enthralling walkways, and beautiful coves fenced by colorful cliffs. You can also explore the old town while relishing a delectable lunch or dinner in roadside cafes or restaurants. Lagos is primarily known for picturesque coves and beautiful beaches. That means you can enjoy various types of seafood with Family or friends.

Faro District Tourism

Must-try things in Lagos, Portugal:

  1. Visit Ponta da Piedade to enjoy scenic views of cliffs & stacks of colorful limestone.
  2. Head over to Praia do Camilo to witness fantastic coves or stroll through natural tunnels
  3. Visit Zoo de Lagos to discover over 350 species of birds

Carvoeiro, Portugal – Picturesque Resort Town

The traditional resort town of Carvoeiro, Portugal is a must-visit destination offered by Faro District Tourism. This beautiful place promises historic towns, hiking trails, riveting boat tours and sun-kissed beaches. Carvoeiro is an intriguing concoction of modern holiday services & Portuguese legacy.

Faro District Tourism

Awesome Things to do in Carvoeiro, Portugal:

  1. Stroll along the Carvoeiro Boardwalk with your better half for a romantic evening
  2. Avail a boat tour to discover the natural wonder of Benagil cave.
  3. Visit the Algar Seco Caves with family or friends.

Albufeira, Portugal –  Vibrant Town

The town of Albufeira, Portugal is considered as the liveliest resort town in all of Algarve and is the pride of  Faro District Tourism. This town offers a perfect climate, splendid beaches, bustling nightlife & a variety of local cuisine. Albufeira has transformed into one of the most in-demand tourist destinations of Algarve due to its attractions, affordable accommodations & a plethora of thrilling activities.

Faro District Tourism

Exciting Things to do in Albufeira, Portugal:

  1. Visit the 6-kilometre long beach of Praia da Falésia.
  2. If you prefer a more secluded beach, then head over to Praia de São Rafael
  3. Stroll through the meandering streets of Old Albufeira.

Vilamoura, Portugal – Modern Tourist Destination

The resort of Vilamoura, Portugal offers stunning golf courses, gourmet restaurants, marina complex and much more. Vilamoura was originally constructed in the 1980s as a Golfing spot but was later converted into a full-fledged tourist destination. With modern tourist facilities and lavish accommodation, this exotic location of Faro District Tourism is a must-visit place for an enjoyable vacation.

Faro District Tourism

Great things to do in Vilamoura, Portugal:

  1. Avail the Dolphin Safari & Cave Tour for an unforgettable experience.
  2. Golf to your heart’s content in a plethora of Golf courses.
  3. Hire a private yacht for a relaxing experience on the sea.

Sagres Portugal – Serene Beaches

The unruffled town of Sagres, Portugal is an offbeat tourist spot offered by Faro District Tourism. It is located near the southwestern tip of Portugal and offers affordable accommodation, local cuisine and calm beaches. Sagres is popular among surfers as the Atlantic waves are easy to surf on. If you prefer a relaxing yet affordable getaway then Sagres is the perfect choice.

Faro District Tourism

Cool things to try in Sagres, Portugal:

  1. Visit the renowned Praia da Mareta beach to relax and rejuvenate.
  2. Head over to Hang Ten to avail affordable surfing classes and surf to your heart’s content
  3. Pay a visit to Cabo de Sao Vicente and witness panoramic views of the Ocean.

Thus, these are the 5 hand-picked destinations of Faro district to enjoy a memorable vacation. There are many other hidden gems offered by Faro District Tourism.  So, Get a Visa for Portugal & embark on an epic journey to Faro District and make memories for life.

Celebrate Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve in Portugal with Portugal Visa

Portugal is an Iberian country known for its picturesque landscapes, sun-kissed beaches, beautiful towns and much more. Portugal offers something for everyone That is why thousands of tourists throng this enchanting country every year. Portugal is an amazing place to enjoy Christmas and New Year’s Eve with your friends or family.

Unlike other countries, Portuguese natives observe Christmas festivities for the whole month of December. Special Christmas markets, Food festivals, dance parties are a common sight during Christmas.

New Year’s Eve, on the other hand, is celebrated in the last week of December. Lavish parties, Mesmerizing fireworks draw scores of sybarites to welcome New Year in the best way possible. The grand parties boast of renowned DJs, live shows and much more. New Year’s Eve celebrations in Portugal are a must-visit for Families and Fun-lovers. So, Grab a Portugal visa and head over to Portugal to relish an eventful Christmas and New Year’s Eve with your loved ones.

2 Exciting Events to celebrate Christmas with Portugal Visa

Here are 2 handpicked events to enjoy Christmas festivities in Portugal with Portugal visa:

Boston 168 Live – Feast of the Beast

The Boston Live is an annual event to celebrate Christmas Eve. It will be held at The Ministerium Club in Lisbon, Portugal. The Boston 168 live is a whole night event which starts on 21st December at 11.59 P.M and goes on till 8 A.M, 22nd December. You can book your tickets online to have a hassle-free party. Special attractions of this exquisite event are:

  • The underground-alternative atmosphere
  • Musical performances from Boston 168, Holldën, Fúria, Qwezall, Oduro
  • Exotic Portuguese dishes
  • Availability of classic beverages according to your booking.

Portugal visa

Christmas Food Market, Vila Vita Biergarten

The Special Christmas Food Market will be hosted by The Biergarten Restaurant in West Algarve, Portugal. It will be held from 20th December to 22nd December. The Food Market’s special features include:

  • Local and International cuisines served in Alpine huts.
  • Traditional dishes like Christmas turkey tacos, Currywürst sausages etc.
  • A plethora of lip-smacking drinks such as Porches Craft beer, Classic Mulled Wine(Glühwein), Spiced tea, hot chocolate and much more.
  • Live Music and Christmas goodies.

So, apply for a Portugal visa and book your slot for Boston 168 Live or participate in Christmas Food Market to delight in the Christmas revelries of Portugal.

Portugal visa

2 Beguiling events to celebrate New Year with Portugal Visa

Here are 2 amazing events to welcome New Year in Portugal with Portugal visa:

Baile da Virada New Year’s Eve 2019

The exhilarating Baile da Virada is a New Year’s Eve party which will be held at the charming Pátio da Galé in Lisbon, Portugal. The event will begin at 8 p.m. on 31st  December and finish at 5 a.m. on 1st  January. The event will feature:

  • Musical performances from BonBoxx, Supasquad and many more artists.
  • Lip-smacking drinks according to your slot booking-General or VIP ticket.


New Year’s Eve Cruise in Lisbon

Step into the New Year with an exotic cruise on the beautiful Tagus river. This cruise is scheduled for 31st December 11 P.M and will end by 1 P.M. The meeting point is Doca (Pier) do Espanhol, gate 3 in Lisbon, Portugal. Main attractions of the captivating cruise are:

  • An alluring boat to welcome the New year.
  • Witness spectacular Fireworks while enjoying lip-smacking wines and raisins.


These are some handpicked events to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Portugal. So, What are you waiting for? Grab a Portugal visa and visit Portugal to enjoy an unforgettable vacation with loved ones.

Volta a Portugal 2019 – Cycling in Portugal Crazy style!


Volta a Portugal in English means Around the Portugal! And the best way to adore the scenic beauty of Portugal is to be a part of the traditional Portugal Cycling Race! Yes, you are thinking in the right direction! It is time to apply for a Portugal Visa!

Volta A portugal em Bicicleta – Around Portugal on a Bicycle

Volta A Portugal came in existence in the year 1927! Since then, leaving a few downs, this has become a major Professional Cycling race event of Portugal! If we turn the pages of history of this event, we will find the dates missing in the initial decades of the beginning!

The year skipped so far are:

  • 1928 to 1930
  • 1936 & 1937
  • 1942 to 1945 (The World War Era)
  • 1975 (The military Revolt)

Barring these glitches, The Volta a Portugal Competition has held its Flags High throughout the years! These has been cosmetic changes in the duration of this event!

A three week-long event was cut short to a two week event in 1980s and the race was divided into stages! Since then, People from all over the globe apply for a Portugal Visa to cheer the tough contenders from their respective countries.

The time table for Volta A Portugal 2019 is as:

Initiation: 31st July 2019

Completion: 11th August 2019

The local teams of Portugal have been successful in bagging the title a record of 57 times till now! This doesn’t change the die-hard spirits of the participating contenders from other countries in any manner! Spain has been a tough competitor for the local teams with UK been able to bag the award just once!

Who cares? IT is the time to apply for Online Portugal Visa and lift the spirits of our team!



If you are other plans & thinking to cycle around Portugal yourself, we have good news for you!  As this is a competition race over two weeks, you can take control of your competitive spirits and explore Portugal! With the success of this event, there are many Portugal Bike Tour Organizers available that will help you discover the scenic Portugal!

These Tour operators have been the best in the Tourism industry of Portugal! With defined routes as per your choice, you get enough time to be close to the raw nature Portuguese style!

You are not directly participating in the professional Volta A Portugal 2019 Event! The truth is – You are creating your own Volta A Portugal on a bicycle moment!

Imagine exploring scenic beaches on Algarve! It could be the ancient medieval villages you could be cycling through! It may be the ride through the National Park! Or it can be the mesmerizing Alentejo!

You are just a portugal Schengen Visa away!

Stretch your legs! Wake the inner athlete in you!

Apply for a Portugal Visa and get the chance to get to the hidden secrets of Portugal on a bicycle!

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