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NOS alive Festival is calling Music lovers!

NOS alive Festival is calling Music lovers!


Does music give you thrill? Does your heart beat faster for music? Do music makes you happy? Are you a traveler too? Pack your bags and head to Portugal. NOS alive festival is back to rock every corner of Portugal.

The beautiful Oeiras Coast held this music festival every year. Situated close to the capital city, Lisbon, Oeiras coast is a place with unique yet pleasant climate. The first and foremost requirement to reach the NOS festival is a Portugal visa.

With the major sponsorship of ‘NOS’, a Portuguese mobile operator, the music fest welcomes every genre of music. Be it rock, indie and alternative music, NOS alive have them all! The music festival embarked its journey in the year 2007 and featured many legends of music industry so far. Pearl Jam, Smashing Pumpkin, Arctic monkeys and Queens of the Stone Age are a few notable mentions.

A total of 3 musical days and three massive stages, what else a Music lover need! This acoustic fest will kick off on 11th July and spread the musical vibes till 13th July.

The NOS Portugal will host the following aces of music industry this year:

  • The Cure
  • The Smashing Pumpkins
  • Vampire Weekend
  • Bon Iver
  • Cut Copy

The list of NOS alive lineup is not over it!


It is next to impossible to explain the vividness offered by NOS alive festival 2019 in words! Hence, you have to be there to get the best! You can find a food hall, onsite hospital, police stand, ATM machines and separate clubbing tent in the festival area.

NOS alive festival is a perfect gateway to fade away in the musical vibes. It’s the perfect destination to escape for all the rock-sensible music fans.

Cheers music lovers! NOS alive festival 2019 is calling! Get wild! Beat the summer heat in Lisbon this year.

Volta a Portugal 2019 – Cycling in Portugal Crazy style!


Volta a Portugal in English means Around the Portugal! And the best way to adore the scenic beauty of Portugal is to be a part of the traditional Portugal Cycling Race! Yes, you are thinking in the right direction! It is time to apply for a Portugal Visa!

Volta A portugal em Bicicleta – Around Portugal on a Bicycle

Volta A Portugal came in existence in the year 1927! Since then, leaving a few downs, this has become a major Professional Cycling race event of Portugal! If we turn the pages of history of this event, we will find the dates missing in the initial decades of the beginning!

The year skipped so far are:

  • 1928 to 1930
  • 1936 & 1937
  • 1942 to 1945 (The World War Era)
  • 1975 (The military Revolt)

Barring these glitches, The Volta a Portugal Competition has held its Flags High throughout the years! These has been cosmetic changes in the duration of this event!

A three week-long event was cut short to a two week event in 1980s and the race was divided into stages! Since then, People from all over the globe apply for a Portugal Visa to cheer the tough contenders from their respective countries.

The time table for Volta A Portugal 2019 is as:

Initiation: 31st July 2019

Completion: 11th August 2019

The local teams of Portugal have been successful in bagging the title a record of 57 times till now! This doesn’t change the die-hard spirits of the participating contenders from other countries in any manner! Spain has been a tough competitor for the local teams with UK been able to bag the award just once!

Who cares? IT is the time to apply for Online Portugal Visa and lift the spirits of our team!



If you are other plans & thinking to cycle around Portugal yourself, we have good news for you!  As this is a competition race over two weeks, you can take control of your competitive spirits and explore Portugal! With the success of this event, there are many Portugal Bike Tour Organizers available that will help you discover the scenic Portugal!

These Tour operators have been the best in the Tourism industry of Portugal! With defined routes as per your choice, you get enough time to be close to the raw nature Portuguese style!

You are not directly participating in the professional Volta A Portugal 2019 Event! The truth is – You are creating your own Volta A Portugal on a bicycle moment!

Imagine exploring scenic beaches on Algarve! It could be the ancient medieval villages you could be cycling through! It may be the ride through the National Park! Or it can be the mesmerizing Alentejo!

You are just a portugal Schengen Visa away!

Stretch your legs! Wake the inner athlete in you!

Apply for a Portugal Visa and get the chance to get to the hidden secrets of Portugal on a bicycle!

Best Places to Visit in Portugal for You!


This Article is a candid collection of the best places to visit in Portugal! Though it is next to impossible to bind the enthusiasts travelling on a Portugal tourist visa, still, we managed to collect the top entries from the lists of the craziest fun finders!

The desire to travel and explore has been burning deep inside of Mankind from Stone Age! The Zeal to seek the unknown in the hearts of travel maniacs has set the course of the history as we know it today! With technology coming to the aid of modern day travel enthusiasts, the entire world seems to be in reach!  One such popular destination acting as a luring eye candy is Portugal! The only condition – A valid Portugal Visa!

Let us start with our list:

  • Lisbon: The fun begins with Lisbon! It is the capital of Portugal and the primary gateway of arrival for the Fun hunters! Before there exploring minds set sails to other destinations in Portugal, these travel definers love to explore the elations offered by Lisbon!
    The simplest way to do so is to book a ride in the Vintage Tram Rides! And what will you see? The Real Portugal! The rich architectural heritage, cultural neighborhoods filled with lively colors of life, Churches and Cathedral standing tall to recite their rich history and Warm & welcoming People! The bonus – Glimpses of Tagus River with Hills surrounding the city!




It is the best way to feel refreshed after a tiresome journey to Portugal!

  • Algarve Path: And once these travelers are satisfied with Lisbon, they now look for the thrills they started their journeys for! The Algarve path also known as the Algarve stretch is where they head to! A collection of sandy beaches along the stretch acts like old wine for these drunkards!




Along with Mesmerizing beauty, these beaches also offer a bunch of crazy fun filed activities to these adrenaline junkie. They are:

  • Surfing
  • Beach Parachuting
  • Scuba Diving
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Sun Bathing and above ball
  • Bird watching


  • Azores: And once they are exhausted, they seek the shelters in the lap of Mother Nature! And what better place than a solitary island to recharge the travelling batteries! These green island offers the peace to those who seek solace! The chain of nine wonderful volcanic islands offers the best of Mother Nature for photo enthusiasts!




And that’s not all! We will continue this list in the next article! Meanwhile, Get your Portugal Visa ready to travel to these exotic places in Portugal.

Afro Nation Festival – Live the musical vibes in Portugal


Is music what makes you happy!  Does your heart beat faster for music! Are you a traveler too! Pack your bags and prime yourself up for the exciting music event in Portugal. Are you thinking about MEO festival? Unfortunately, this time you are wrong!

Then what it is, Music enthusiasts?

Well, this time Portugal is hosting another summer scorcher – Afro Nation Festival.

Portugal visa.

This August, the list of Portugal music festival will have a new name. Music enthusiasts, get ready to encounter the debut edition of Afro Nation Festival 2019. Europe’s urban music beach festival welcomes all the exciting genres of music! Be it Afro-beats, hip hop, Rhythm and Blues (R&B), Dance-hall or Bashment, this music fest have them all.

Alongside the music festival, you can luxuriate in the boat and beach parties. Here is something for the VIP ticket holders. Congratulations! You can access the dedicated areas and private bar.

This stunning beach music festival will spread the musical vibes from 1st August to 4th August on Praia da Rocha, Portugal.  Music enthusiasts, save the dates!


The vividness of Afro Nation Festival cannot be described in words! You have to be there to get the best out of it. Make sure to get your Portugal visa ASAP!

Music lovers, the magnificent Portugal music festival is calling!