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6 Top attractions in Azores – not to miss

6 Top attractions in Azores – not to miss

In Europe, Lisbon is often named as the top tourist destinations, but the 6 top attractions in Azores Islands, off the coast in the Atlantic Ocean, may be the best summer destination. There are plenty of things like mountains, coastline and lake-filled caldera, to keep even the most ambitious traveler busy. We have mentioned the 6 top attractions in Azores that you should not miss if you travel to Portugal.

Watching whales

One of the most unforgettable experiences includes sailing through the Atlantic in search of those majestic marine mammals. Guided tours are available for most of the islands, but Sao Miguel may be the easiest (because it is the largest of the 9 islands) with companies in Ponta Delgada and Villa Franca do Campo. You need to keep your eyes peeled for watching dolphins.


Enjoy meal cooked in Volcanic Soil

There is place in Sao Miguel’s village of Furnas where locals take slow cooking to a whole new level. Pots of cozido (which is the mixture of meat and vegetable stew) are lowered into the volcanic ground, where they keep cooking. You don’t have to wait for the dinner time to place an order, besides you will have to call the day before to order because they order in advance. You can order from the local restaurants such as Calderias and Vulcoes.

Top Attractions in Azores

The Geothermal Pools

Before you enjoy the meal cooked in Volcanic Soil, head to Terra Nostra Park or Poca Da Dona Beija and soak in the hot geothermal pools. These two spots mentioned are just a couple of many hot springs on the islands, which promote different health benefits like improved circulation, reduced stress and healing skin conditions.

Top Attractions in Azores

Hike Mount Pico

Pico which is the second-largest island, is home to Portugal’s highest mountain. Pico Islands are definitely the one to be planned in advance in your trip to Portugal as the views on the top are spectacular if you are up to the challenge.

Top Attractions in Azores

Eat Lapas

Azores is one of the islands therefore eating seafood is a must. There are many restaurants which use ingredients straight from the ocean and ordering lapas or the limpet clams is particularly special there. If you want to try the delicacy, a Tasca is regarded as one of the best restaurants in the area.

Top Attractions in Azores

Attend a Festival

The warmest months also come along with festivals with each island having its own event calendar. The holy Ghost Festival or the Festa Do Divino Espirito Santo is the most popular festa, it celebrates the third person of the Godhead (a day where somebody is named empress or emperor for a day).

Top Attractions in Azores

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