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Faro District Tourism – 5 Vibrant Tourist Spots to Mesmerize you

Faro District Tourism – 5 Vibrant Tourist Spots to Mesmerize you

Faro District Tourism

Portugal is one of the most sought-after tourist destinations on the planet. Faro District, in particular, is an alluring tourist destination for sybarites and travellers. Faro District Tourism offers a plethora of spell-binding locations to captivate you and your loved ones.

Faro is the capital city of Algarve and is primarily a coastal town. Delectable seafood, serene beaches and beautiful restaurants welcome you as you visit this enchanting place. In addition to that, there is a beautiful lagoon with intertwined waterways between the islands. You can explore exotic & diverse birdlife on the natural park of Ria Formosa.

Popular places like Lagos, Sagres, Carvoeiro, Albufeira & Vilamoura of Portugal are some of the must-visit places to relish an amazing vacation. So, apply for Portugal visa and explore the hidden gems of Faro District with your loved ones.

5 Astounding locations of Faro District Tourism

Faro district comprises of 16 municipalities. This means that Faro District Tourism offers a wide range of places for tourists and sybarites. However, there are 5 captivating tourist destinations to offer you a memorable experience. These destinations are

Lagos, Portugal – Bustling Coastal Town

The lively coastal town of Lagos, Portugal boasts of sandy bays, enthralling walkways, and beautiful coves fenced by colorful cliffs. You can also explore the old town while relishing a delectable lunch or dinner in roadside cafes or restaurants. Lagos is primarily known for picturesque coves and beautiful beaches. That means you can enjoy various types of seafood with Family or friends.

Faro District Tourism

Must-try things in Lagos, Portugal:

  1. Visit Ponta da Piedade to enjoy scenic views of cliffs & stacks of colorful limestone.
  2. Head over to Praia do Camilo to witness fantastic coves or stroll through natural tunnels
  3. Visit Zoo de Lagos to discover over 350 species of birds

Carvoeiro, Portugal – Picturesque Resort Town

The traditional resort town of Carvoeiro, Portugal is a must-visit destination offered by Faro District Tourism. This beautiful place promises historic towns, hiking trails, riveting boat tours and sun-kissed beaches. Carvoeiro is an intriguing concoction of modern holiday services & Portuguese legacy.

Faro District Tourism

Awesome Things to do in Carvoeiro, Portugal:

  1. Stroll along the Carvoeiro Boardwalk with your better half for a romantic evening
  2. Avail a boat tour to discover the natural wonder of Benagil cave.
  3. Visit the Algar Seco Caves with family or friends.

Albufeira, Portugal –  Vibrant Town

The town of Albufeira, Portugal is considered as the liveliest resort town in all of Algarve and is the pride of  Faro District Tourism. This town offers a perfect climate, splendid beaches, bustling nightlife & a variety of local cuisine. Albufeira has transformed into one of the most in-demand tourist destinations of Algarve due to its attractions, affordable accommodations & a plethora of thrilling activities.

Faro District Tourism

Exciting Things to do in Albufeira, Portugal:

  1. Visit the 6-kilometre long beach of Praia da Falésia.
  2. If you prefer a more secluded beach, then head over to Praia de São Rafael
  3. Stroll through the meandering streets of Old Albufeira.

Vilamoura, Portugal – Modern Tourist Destination

The resort of Vilamoura, Portugal offers stunning golf courses, gourmet restaurants, marina complex and much more. Vilamoura was originally constructed in the 1980s as a Golfing spot but was later converted into a full-fledged tourist destination. With modern tourist facilities and lavish accommodation, this exotic location of Faro District Tourism is a must-visit place for an enjoyable vacation.

Faro District Tourism

Great things to do in Vilamoura, Portugal:

  1. Avail the Dolphin Safari & Cave Tour for an unforgettable experience.
  2. Golf to your heart’s content in a plethora of Golf courses.
  3. Hire a private yacht for a relaxing experience on the sea.

Sagres Portugal – Serene Beaches

The unruffled town of Sagres, Portugal is an offbeat tourist spot offered by Faro District Tourism. It is located near the southwestern tip of Portugal and offers affordable accommodation, local cuisine and calm beaches. Sagres is popular among surfers as the Atlantic waves are easy to surf on. If you prefer a relaxing yet affordable getaway then Sagres is the perfect choice.

Faro District Tourism

Cool things to try in Sagres, Portugal:

  1. Visit the renowned Praia da Mareta beach to relax and rejuvenate.
  2. Head over to Hang Ten to avail affordable surfing classes and surf to your heart’s content
  3. Pay a visit to Cabo de Sao Vicente and witness panoramic views of the Ocean.

Thus, these are the 5 hand-picked destinations of Faro district to enjoy a memorable vacation. There are many other hidden gems offered by Faro District Tourism.  So, Get a Visa for Portugal & embark on an epic journey to Faro District and make memories for life.

Celebrate Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve in Portugal with Portugal Visa

Portugal is an Iberian country known for its picturesque landscapes, sun-kissed beaches, beautiful towns and much more. Portugal offers something for everyone That is why thousands of tourists throng this enchanting country every year. Portugal is an amazing place to enjoy Christmas and New Year’s Eve with your friends or family.

Unlike other countries, Portuguese natives observe Christmas festivities for the whole month of December. Special Christmas markets, Food festivals, dance parties are a common sight during Christmas.

New Year’s Eve, on the other hand, is celebrated in the last week of December. Lavish parties, Mesmerizing fireworks draw scores of sybarites to welcome New Year in the best way possible. The grand parties boast of renowned DJs, live shows and much more. New Year’s Eve celebrations in Portugal are a must-visit for Families and Fun-lovers. So, Grab a Portugal visa and head over to Portugal to relish an eventful Christmas and New Year’s Eve with your loved ones.

2 Exciting Events to celebrate Christmas with Portugal Visa

Here are 2 handpicked events to enjoy Christmas festivities in Portugal with Portugal visa:

Boston 168 Live – Feast of the Beast

The Boston Live is an annual event to celebrate Christmas Eve. It will be held at The Ministerium Club in Lisbon, Portugal. The Boston 168 live is a whole night event which starts on 21st December at 11.59 P.M and goes on till 8 A.M, 22nd December. You can book your tickets online to have a hassle-free party. Special attractions of this exquisite event are:

  • The underground-alternative atmosphere
  • Musical performances from Boston 168, Holldën, Fúria, Qwezall, Oduro
  • Exotic Portuguese dishes
  • Availability of classic beverages according to your booking.

Portugal visa

Christmas Food Market, Vila Vita Biergarten

The Special Christmas Food Market will be hosted by The Biergarten Restaurant in West Algarve, Portugal. It will be held from 20th December to 22nd December. The Food Market’s special features include:

  • Local and International cuisines served in Alpine huts.
  • Traditional dishes like Christmas turkey tacos, Currywürst sausages etc.
  • A plethora of lip-smacking drinks such as Porches Craft beer, Classic Mulled Wine(Glühwein), Spiced tea, hot chocolate and much more.
  • Live Music and Christmas goodies.

So, apply for a Portugal visa and book your slot for Boston 168 Live or participate in Christmas Food Market to delight in the Christmas revelries of Portugal.

Portugal visa

2 Beguiling events to celebrate New Year with Portugal Visa

Here are 2 amazing events to welcome New Year in Portugal with Portugal visa:

Baile da Virada New Year’s Eve 2019

The exhilarating Baile da Virada is a New Year’s Eve party which will be held at the charming Pátio da Galé in Lisbon, Portugal. The event will begin at 8 p.m. on 31st  December and finish at 5 a.m. on 1st  January. The event will feature:

  • Musical performances from BonBoxx, Supasquad and many more artists.
  • Lip-smacking drinks according to your slot booking-General or VIP ticket.


New Year’s Eve Cruise in Lisbon

Step into the New Year with an exotic cruise on the beautiful Tagus river. This cruise is scheduled for 31st December 11 P.M and will end by 1 P.M. The meeting point is Doca (Pier) do Espanhol, gate 3 in Lisbon, Portugal. Main attractions of the captivating cruise are:

  • An alluring boat to welcome the New year.
  • Witness spectacular Fireworks while enjoying lip-smacking wines and raisins.


These are some handpicked events to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Portugal. So, What are you waiting for? Grab a Portugal visa and visit Portugal to enjoy an unforgettable vacation with loved ones.