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Plan an unforgettable Easter 2021 in Portugal

Plan an unforgettable Easter 2021 in Portugal

Easter 2021 in Portugal

Portugal is a country rich in history and heritage and steeped in religious ritual and tradition. Its culture represents layer upon layer of different civilizations that lived in and ruled Europe’s westernmost country during past millennia – from prehistoric cultures to the Phoenicians and the Romans, arching Germanic invasions, the Sephardic Jewish migration and finally Moorish conquest and subsequent dispossession. Today, Portugal is largely Roman Catholic but pieces of these activities civilizations can still be found here, in museums and monuments – yes – but also a small villages and abandoned churches; in the language with its mix of Latin and Arabic consequences and of course on table. Don’t miss to enjoy your Easter 2021 in Portugal.

The Portuguese Holy Week has many things in common with Easter in other countries of the world, but it also has its particularities, such as certain typical Easter meals or the traditional “folar” cake.

Beyond processions and image worship, Portugal keeps alive other Easter behaviors that should be considered when visiting Porto or Lisbon. In the case of folar, this tradition dates back many centuries and experts do not agree to its source.

Folar is a sweet and dry bread cake filled with eggs that godparents give to their godchildren on Easter Sunday as a symbol of union and friendship. In exchange, young men give an olive branch to men and a bouquet of violets to women. This custom continues until the age of 18 or until the sponsored person marries, although more and more traditions are being lost.

Easter 2021 in Portugal

We have mentioned five of the best Portuguese Easter Foods, all of them are full of flavor and history:

Lamb or Baby Goat

A holiday tradition in many parts of the world, roast lamb is often the centerpiece of the Portuguese table or Easter Sunday. Harking back to the Jewish tradition, lamb represents the sacrifice during the Hebrew exodus from Egypt.


If food would have been a religion in Portugal, then cofish would have been its most holy fish. It’s said that there are approx 365 different ways to prepare bacalhau, the Portuguese national dish of salted, dried codfish – one for each day of the year. True or not, one thing is for sure – on Good Friday, bacalhau will be consumed by Portuguese families across the country in keeping with the tradition of abstaining from neat until Easter Sunday.

Pao de Lo

A true Easter Pao de Lo is a very light sponge cake made only with sugar, eggs, flour and lemon zest or a pinch of cinnamon. One of the best-known desserts in Portugal, and certainly one of the cherished Portuguese Easter foods, this cake has its origin in the 15th century. As is true of many of the most beloved Portuguese sweets, it was traditionally made in Convents by nuns and is very rich in eggs. Legend has it that traditional conventual desserts here are made with so many egg yolks because the sisters used egg whites to starch their habits.

Folar Da Pascoa

Representing the breaking of bread during the last supper and the execution of Christ, Folar Da Pascoa is traditional Portuguese Easter bread. Sweet yeast bread, it contains hard-boiled eggs in their shells under a cross made of dough. Regional variations include the additional of cinnamon or lemon zest. In some regions, especially those in the North, it can be served as savory bread, wrapped around pieces of pork, cured ham or chourico. Whether sweet or savory, it is one of the Portuguese Easter foods which are beloved by everyone.


There is a Portuguese legend that says that once upon a time when the Algarve region was ruled by the Moors, a young and handsome Moorish price married a beautiful Nordic Princess. Though they were madly in love, she pined for the snowy landscapes of her homeland. The prince, not wanting his beloved to suffer, planted thousands of almond trees, as far as the eye could see. And, in spring, when the trees burst into beautiful white blooms, the Princess looked out of the castle window and imagined that she was home and that the land is covered in snow – such is the beauty of almond trees in bloom.

Other than these sweets you can explore Portugal as well during the time of Easter 2021. Book or hire a car in Lisbon and you are well situated to venture to other locations around the country where you can experience Easter more fully, while the capital is ideal for egg hunts in its parks and gardens – the children love it! – and the candy stores provide a variety of the most colorful almonds.

To be graced with a more traditional experience you need to head further north: by the Atlantic coast, the town of Obidos holds quite a number of events, from processions and re-enactments to children-oriented activities.

Easter 2021 in Portugal

Drive in your Portugal hire car to Braga, a well-sought Holy Week by pilgrims and host to several religious processions during the season. While there, be sure to also visit the Bom Jesus do Monte sanctuary, a neoclassic relic with a grand Barroque   stairway – you can find to munch a few slices of Folar to boost your energy and climb all those steps!

In just three easy steps apply for your Portugal visa online, so that you can get in on time for your Easter 2021 in Portugal. Other than all these details you can also explore for the best places to visit in Portugal which will help you utilize your time.

Try your stay at beach resorts in Portugal

Beach Resorts in Portugal

Portugal is blessed with some truly outstanding beach resorts, as one of Europe’s top sun seeking destinations. The majority of beach resorts in Portugal lie along the coast, an Atlantic Ocean seaboard of stunning geographical and environmental diversity.

Also the Southern Portugal’s Algarve Coastline is specially constraining, with its superb beaches, world-class golf courses, historic seaside towns and beautiful natural parks.

The small Iberian Peninsula country has some of Europe’s best beaches. The weather is best in the summer months, but doable outside the high season, though you may want to wear a wet suit if you swim or surf in the Atlantic Ocean. Tourists are offered so many activities to do by these beach resorts; they may have to go home to rest up for their vacations.

We have mentioned the list of best beach resorts in Portugal.

Best beach resorts in Portugal

Find your preferred beach resorts in Portugal through the description provided below:

Martinhal Sagres Beach Family resort

Near the significant town of Sarges, Martinhal sarges beach family resort, defines the luxury family holiday destination. It is set in beautiful grounds, overlooking Martinhal beach, this lauded resort has been carefully created with taking families in mind, and also children of all ages are welcomed here with open arms.

Beach Resorts in Portugal

Portuguese traditional cuisine is celebrated with gusto at the resort’s chic oceanfront as Dunas restaurant, where serving fresh seafood is the specialty. Other than all this the modern O Terraco restaurant also serves resort guests, including those staying at the five-star Hotel Martinhal, distinguished for its clusters of wood-wrapped cuboids Beach houses designed as if born from nature.

Penha Longa Resort

This densly forested and granite hewn Parque Natural de Sintra-Cascais provides a suitably dramatic backdrop for this outstanding resort, the focal point of which is a wealthy appointed five-star hotel.

Beach Resorts in Portugal

All the foodie tourists are in for a treat. Complementing Penha Longa’s already highly regarded Arola, Midori and il mercato restaurants, the hotel’s LAB restaurant is a gourmet reference point. This menu is designed by very famous chef Sergi Arola, it features original fusion cuisine prepared to such technical and imaginative finesse that Michelin has awarded Arola and his team a bright, glistening star.

Vila Vita Parc Resort and Spa

All the accommodation choices here range from bright, breezy rooms and suites replete with a refined, classical design signature with relaxing ocen-view terraces to airy, liberate villas with private swimming pools.

Beach Resorts in Portugal

Five star amenities of this resort include a series of landscaped swimming pools, a nine-hole pitch-and-putt practice of golf course and the Vital Spa, where you can wind down effortlessly – exuberant Jacuzzi is heaven for all. More active tourists can always take part in a fitness class or strength training session, and for youngsters there’s the fun-packed Annabela’s kids Park.

Hotel the Cliff Bay

It is counted in one of Maderia’s premium resorts and is situated on a natural promontory high above the island’s capital, Funchal. Besides this advantaged position, the hotel commands a fabulous Atlantic Ocean panorama, a brilliant mantle of royal blue and the domain of whales, dolphins and sailfish.

Beach Resorts in Portugal

Gracefully styled in line with local architecture, the hotel is surrounded by spruce gardens sprinkled with centenary palms. In the spring season, the nearby grounds positively sing with color. The design on the terrace melds five-star property with the cliff face and allows guests direct access to the sea.

Other guest amenities extend to Avista, a charming terrace restaurant, the kitchen of which is also supervised by Cliff Bay’s Benoit Sinthon.

Cascatas Golf Resort and Spa

Cascatas means cascades or waterfalls in Portuguese, and this crafty Algarve resort is so named for its incredible water features that decorate the grounds surrounding the hotel.

Beach Resorts in Portugal

Residing here is to relax in luxury accommodation configured as one two or three bedroom suites, as well as a four-bedroom suite with a fully equipped kitchen. It is served by not less than six restaurants offering Portuguese and international gastronomy, including Italian cuisine.

Conrad Algarve

Algarve is the most exclusive holiday destination in Quinta do Lago, the modern Conrad Algarve sits well among the beautiful villas and world-honored golf courses this pocket of Southern Portugal is known for.

Beach Resorts in Portugal

It is very impressive in size and status and enjoying for contemporary design, relaxation and technology, this five-star gem boasts one hundred fifty four guest rooms and suites, accommodation that includes the stunning Roof Garden Suite, which features a plunge pool in the lounge – yes, in the lounge!

Praia D’EI Rey Marriott Golf and Beach Resort

The 18-hole layout design of Praia D’EI Rey Marriott Golf and Beach resort designed by American golf architect Cabell B. Robinson is a confronting mixture of seaside links and parkland holes. The bald contrast between sandy dunes and lush fairways is not lost on players who require an accurate game, especially when a breeze sandy dunes and lush fairways is not lost on players who require an accurate game, especially when a stiff breeze whips up off the Atlantic.

Beach Resorts in Portugal

This hotel is canonically styled and is of palatial dimensions – unveils itself along cliff tops and over grounds that run seamlessly into the contours of the golf course. It has 177 guest rooms and nine suites, all with private terraces or balconies; they offer either ocean or golf course views. This resort has a unique selection of beachfront townhouses and apartments which are ideal for family stays.

Near to this resort is a must see sightseeing excursion named Obidos, an enchanting hill town enclosed within 14th– century walls and often voted Portugal’s prettiest place to visit.

We hope this list of beach resorts in Portugal for family visit helps you to choose the best resort for your family’s stay. All of these are one better than other. You can easily choose as per your family’s preference. Instantly apply for your family’s Portugal visa so that you can easily make the bookings once the visa is stamped by the embassy.