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Fade in the musical vibes of Festa d’ Anaia in Portugal!

Fade in the musical vibes of Festa d’ Anaia in Portugal!

Music lovers get set ready for another big event in Portugal! After the success of its first edition, Festa d’ Anaia is back with more enthusiasm! Furthermore, Pena, Portugal is all set to welcome the guests from across the World! Does it excite you? Are you wondering about how to reach there?

It’s simple! Portugal visa is the second most important thing you will need. However, the primary requirement is the tickets of this music festival.

Festa d’ Anaia 2019 will rock C.C.R. Pena along with the whole village for 2 days. The event will host many legends of the music industry. The diverse and intriguing lineup 2019 will take this grand music event to new heights! Festa d’ Anaia salutes almost all the genres. Be it punk and garage rock, hip hop, R&B or modern interpretations of traditional music, this Portugal festival welcomes them all.


This two days live music event will commence on 18th October and comes to halt on 19th October. Hence, get ready to fade away in the musical vibes with the countless Aces of music industry.

Have you got your Portugal visa yet? In need for more inspiration? Check the complete lineup 2019 below:

18th October, 2019:

  • Cosmic Mass
  • Kopke
  • Sins of a Man
  • Baleia Baleia Baleia
  • D30
  • Xamaril


19th October, 2019:

  • Sequin
  • A Puppet Show Named Julio
  • Conjunto Corona
  • Kings of The Beach
  • Holympo & Heartless


Excited? Well, it is a challenging task to take about the vividness offered by Festa d’Anaia. Hence, you have to be present there to be on the seventh heaven! So, the time to shake the cultural centre of Pena with the musical vibes! Music enthusiasts apply for your visa to Portugal now. Cure your anxiety for the acoustic Portugal festival!

Out.fest 2019 – Fade away in the musical vibes!

Does your heart beat faster for music? Does music makes you happy? Does music give you thrill? Is music your cup of tea? Are you a traveller too? Well, congratulations! It’s time to head Portugal! Get ready to party and enjoy the buzz at Out.fest 2019! Wondering about how to reach there? Simple! All it takes is Portugal visa!

The Barreiro International Exploratory Music Festival is an annual event attracting thousands of music enthusiasts from across the globe. Inaugurated in the year 2004, this Barreiro Festival featured many legends of the music industry so far.

With an average of 5,000 to 10,000 attendees per day, Out.fest gained popularity in no time! After 15 years of celebration, the Out.fest 2019 shows no intention of slowing down. With experimental music in all diversity, this Portugal festival is reaching to new heights every year.

Be it electronics and jazz music or contemporary classical music, Out.fest 2019 salutes them all. Not just one, but the Barreiro festival rocks multiple venues at the same time.


This music fest brings together trailblazers and living legends for a total of three days in Barreiro. This year, the grand event will kick off on 3rd October and comes to a halt on 5th October. Save the dates party goers! The music festival 2019 hosts the endless list of the Aces of music industry. Here is the first wave of artists that has been revealed for the Out.fest 2019:

  • James Ferraro
  • Yeah You
  • Peter Evans
  • Kali Malone
  • Deaf Kids
  • Bonaventure

However, this is not the end! Raw Forest, Viegas, and many more will be hosted as well. Talking about the vividness of the 16th edition of Out.fest Portugal is a challenging task. Hence, you have to be there to be on cloud nine!


Are you ready to explore new ideas and avenues using music? The music fest is a perfect gateway to escape all the chaos of life! It’s time to fade away in the musical vibes of Out.fest 2019. Have you booked your tickets yet? What are you waiting for? Apply for Visa to Portugal and plan your tour now!

Fade away in the musical vibes of Algarve Smooth Jazz Fest!


Finally, the wait is over music enthusiasts! Get ready to welcome the 4th edition of Algarve smooth jazz fest. Portugal is all set to welcome party goers from across the Globe this October. Pine Cliffs, Albufeira – an award winning resort & spa has been proudly selected as the new home to this Portugal music festival.

The resort is perfectly located at the top of the Algarvian Red Cliffs and offers the most spectacular view of seafront. This exquisite hidden jewel is situated above the famous beach, Praia da Falesia – one of the top 3 most beautiful beaches in Portugal.

This beautiful venue will come to live when the ‘Tabu Garden Lounge’ hosts Algarve Smooth Jazz Festival 2019. Imagine live performances by the first class artists of music industry at this open-air venue. Along with the performances, the Jaw-Dropping view of the Atlantic Ocean will hypnotises you. Isn’t it exciting? Well, the time is now! Apply for Portugal visa and fly!


This Jazz festival will bring together the most renowned Jazz, R&B and Contemporary musicians to rock the Pine Cliffs. With five days of soul, fuck and jazz party, Algarve festival magnetises young souls in large number from across the world. This year, the Algarve smooth jazz festival will begin on 1st October and the event will come to a halt after 5-days of partying on 6th October.

The grand Jazz festival will host the following famed artists of music industry:

  • Rick Braun
  • Javier Colon
  • Kim Waters
  • Paul Brown
  • Elan Trotman

However, the list is endless! Kayla Waters, Bobby Lyle, Adam Hawley, Jeff Kashiwa and many more are yet to be announced soon. Well, it is not the end! In addition to the live concerts, get ready to have ball in the aftershow parties at ‘Aldar Club’ every evening. The club is constructed in the main building of the resort.


The Algarve smooth jazz fest 2019 is the perfect way to fade away in the musical vibes at the most beautiful location. Cheers to the jazz festival in Algarve! Have you booked your tickets yet? It’s high time to get it done! Also, ensure to carry a valid visa for Portugal for sure.

Plan your tour now! Rock the beat at Algarve! Happy vacations!

Santa casa Alfama – The great melancholy festival is back!


Yet another big name is added to the long list of Portugal music festival! Santa casa Alfama is the name! This Lisbon festival gives you an opportunity to experience the authentic and traditional Portuguese music! Excited? Wondering about how to get to Santa casa Alfama 2019? Simple! Pack your bags! Get your visa for Portugal ready & fly!

Alfama, the neighbourhood where Fado is born, hosts this great Portugal festival! For two-long days, the great voices of new and old Fado artists echoed at multiple venues at the same time. The capital of Portugal – Lisbon is transformed into live music hotspot! The authenticity and heritage of Portugal magnetises large number of party goers from across the globe.


The incredible and unimaginable performances, give traditional Portuguese music a new aura. With ten stages and more than forty talented performers, together takes the music event to new heights!

The music fest hosts many renowned Fado artists, along with encouraging the emerging talents. It includes Ana Moura, Ricardo Ribeiro, Gisela Joao and many more! Additionally, Katia Warrior, Jorge Fernando, Sara Correia, Gentle Lenita and more will rock the grand event with their unforgettable performances.

This year, the acoustic Fado festival will rock the Lisbon’s oldest district – Alfama on 27th and 28th of September, 2019. Apart from the music festival, there is a separate space for tribute to Amália Rodrigues – The Queen of Fado.


With her formal debut in the year 1939, she became the leading female fadista during her 50 – years stage career. Rodrigues remains the iconic figure for countless Fado and other music artists. Even till date, she is one of the biggest inspirations!

So Music Lovers, what are you waiting for? Get your tickets booked now! Apply for Portugal visa and fly! It is the perfect way to escape the chaos of life. It’s time to fade away in the musical vibes in Lisbon! Plan your jaunt now!

Embark your Madeira tour & witness the real beauty of Europe!


Portugal – the dream holiday destination of thousands of tourists! The country has something or the other to offer for everybody. From historic cities to rich culture and sparkling beaches, Portugal houses them all. Travellers, if city tour is not your cup of tea, how about Madeira tour – The Europe’s own Hawaii? Confused?

Madeira beach Portugal, the Portuguese archipelago is often compared to Hawaii. Wondering about how to get there? Simple! Portugal visa is the foremost requirement!


With a vibrant array of things to do in Madeira island Portugal, it is an incredible place to plan your vacation. Be it romantic honeymoon, family vacation or adventure tour, Madeira is where you should head to! Also known as ‘The Island of Eternal Spring’, the weather is pleasant throughout the year with fresh breeze.

This hidden gem of Europe, welcomes more and more visitors every year! Once in Madeira, the beauty will never let your travelling spirit die!

Before moving ahead, let us quickly check the history of Madeira. The origin of this island dates back to Miocene period i.e. around 5 million years ago. The successive eruption of volcanoes deposited lava layers, which eventually formed series of islands.


Madeira is the largest and most populated one! Keep in mind, the in-habitation of the island began in the year 1419, when the first Portuguese ship landed here. Since then, the island rapidly evolves to become one of the most enchanting islands of Portugal.

Repeatedly voted as the world’s top island destination, it is the ideal location to fade away in the tranquility of nature. Its black sand beaches are what make it unique! All it takes is a Portugal visa to explore the country’s most romantic destination.

Apart from sightseeing, you can enjoy a lot of activities in Madeira. Be it wine tasting, visiting Botanical gardens or towering rock walls, Madeira Island have them all!

While sojourning in Madeira, make some time to visit Sao Vicente Caves. Formed around 890,000 years ago, it is the result of volcanic eruption. As a result, countless lava tubes were created which have been open to public since 1990s.


The incredible volcanic center within the caves is a great collection that displays a lot about volcanic activates. Do not miss the Madeira’s Incredible Landscape!

While on Portugal excursion, make some time to explore the beauty of Madeira Island. Furthermore, if you are worried about where to stay in Madeira, you can easily book your accommodation online. So, what are you waiting for! Apply for Portugal visa and embark your romantic & thrilling journey to Madeira.

Happy Journey!

Nova Batida 2019 – The Flawless Music Festival is calling!


Nova Batida – Another big name is added to the ceaseless list of Lisbon music festival! The second edition of the grand Lisbon festivalNova Batida 2019 is back! Portugal is all set to wave goodbye to summers with thousands of music enthusiasts. Excited? Wondering about how to get there? Simple! Get your Portugal tourist visa and fly!

Organised by renowned London promoters Soundcrash Music is back to rock the whole Lisbon once again! For three-long days, this Portugal festival reunites the music, culture, art and lifestyle in the city’s heart. With three days of non-stop partying along with exciting DJs, Nova Batida 2019 magnetizes fest goers in large number from across the globe.

Hosting at the hub of LX Factory & Underground event space of a famous village, it is another emerging music festival in Portugal. With incredible and unimaginable performances, the festival will definitely gain name and fame in no time.


The fest hosts interesting lineup of bands & DJs performing wide range from electronic sounds to old school hip-hop. In addition, elements of soul, bass, funk and drum are thrown in mix!

This year, the mega music event will kick off on 13th September and culminates on 15th September. This Lisbon music festival will host the following aces of music industry:

  • Four Tet
  • Friendly Fires
  • Hunee
  • Jordan Rakei
  • Midland
  • Sandunes

The list is endless! Daniel Avery, Theon Cross, Tsha, Ben Ufo and many more will rock the event by their unforgettable performances.

In need of more inspiration! Well, in addition to the music festival, you can enhance your surfing skills during surf classes. The fitness freaks can enjoy their yoga sessions and party lovers can enjoy beach parties. While the artists can try their hands to transform the in-house street venue!


So, have you got your tickets booked? Are you ready for the farewell to summers? The time is now! Apply for Portugal visa & plan your jaunt! Depart from all the chaos of life! Fade away in the musical vibes of Portugal!

Be Wild! Rock the beat! Adieu Summers!

VillaMix Festival – The best of Brazilian music is back!


Does your heart beat faster for music? Does music makes you happy? Are you a traveller too? Then, what are you waiting for? Portugal is where you should head to! Lisbon is all set to host music enthusiasts in large number this September. Wondering about what it is? Prime yourself as the biggest Brazilian series has crossed the Atlantic Ocean once again & landed in Lisbon Portugal. Yes, you got it right, VillaMix Festival is back! Music lovers, you are just a visa for Portugal away!

Music maniacs, excited? The famous VillaMix festival 2019 is a satellite event that takes place in Altice Arena, Lisbon for two days. Like its parent festival, the VillaMix Festival Lisboa 2019, displays the finest Brazilian music talents. Be it stars of Setanejo and Latin Pop or World-class DJs, you name it, VillaMix festival has it!


Since 2011, Brazil has been hosting the event in number of cities and leaving an everlasting impression. Attracting around two million music lovers every year, VillaMix festival holds its place in the Guinness World Records for the biggest festival stages.

The music festival Lisboa will kick off on 13th September and rock the whole city till 14th September. Get your tickets booked! The event will host the following Aces of music industry:

  • Alok
  • Gusttavo Lima
  • Jorge & Mateus
  • Luan Santana
  • Calema

The list is long! You have to be there to be on the seventh heaven! Talking all about the grand VillaMix festival Lisboa 2019 is a challenging task!


Music enthusiast, have you booked your music festival tickets yet? The time is now! Get your tickets booked! Apart from the tickets just ensure to have a valid visa with you. In case, you don’t have your visa ready, apply for Portugal visa online now!

It is the perfect destination to escape from all the chaos of life and fade away in the musical vibes! Plan your tour & fly!

Cheer! Be wild! Adieu Festival season!