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The Madeira Wine Festival 2020 is maintained

The Madeira Wine Festival 2020 is maintained

Madeira Wine Fest 2020 is a must for Madeira City residents and tourists alike. Madeira Island showcases the sweet nectar that its fruit gives for a month, its wine. Known all over the world as a tourist destination, Madeira Island owes its fame to the wine that bears its name and which has gained fame and prestige.

The history of an island that has made a name for itself

The Madeira Wine Festival in Portugal is the harvest time for the wine growers. The ancestral customs of the people of Madeira are associated with wine making.

Madeira Wine Festival celebrations date back to the late 70s starting in Funchal and include a range of fun activities such as the European Folklore Week, decorations, exhibitions and paints alluding to wine and its works as well as various light and traditional music shows. Finally, allegorical light, sound and music shows are the highlights of the celebrations that take place in other parts of the island.

Madeira wine fest 2020

The festivities end with the Grape Harvest Festival that takes place in the village of Estreito de Câmara de Lobos to participate in one of the oldest local traditions, whether it be grape picking or the monitoring of groups of grape pickers.

The dates of the festivities to note

The Madeira Wine Festival 2020 Portugal takes place on several dates which will be important to note in order to enjoy the festivities.

The European Folklore Week is a folklore festival, created by the Boa Nova Folklore and Ethnography Group, which aims to promote intercultural coexistence and to make ethnographic realities known through the participation of national and foreign groups.

Street entertainment from 3rd to 27th September 2020, The pedestrian street of Avenida Arriaga will host the street entertainment festivities, in addition to the usual performances of the folklore groups. There will be a very diverse musical programme that will include light music, world music, choir, jazz, traditional music and philharmonic music.

The Madeira Wine Lounge will be located in Praça do Povo. The privileged will have the opportunity to dine at themed dinners inspired by the flavors and wines of each producing municipality.

The Harvest — September 12: The harvest festival will begin in the town of Estreito de Câmara de Lobos. The grape harvest will begin in a Madeira estate and will be followed by the ethnographic procession that includes the participation of many folklore and ethnographic groups. After the passage of the procession, the crushing of the grapes is recreated in a traditional press.

“Madeira Wine & Film Harvest” — 17 to 20 September: Quinta Magnolia is the venue for the “Madeira Wine & Film Harvest” event, which took place as part of the Madeira Wine Fest.

Madeira wine fest 2020

The free entrance includes concerts, film screenings on the theme of wine, but also a lounge area, where tastings of Madeira PDO wines are held in a wine-growing environment where 5 Madeira wine producers will be present.

Portugal and Wine Festival in Madeira 2020

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EasyJet resumes 51 routes from Portugal


Easy Jet flight are reopening, a return to “normal”, It’s official, on June 15, the EasyJets airline company is now flying 51 routes in and out of Portugal. Indeed,  EasyJet resumes 51 routes from Portugal on 63  of Portugal’s four main airports (Lisbon, Oporto, Faro and Funchal) have started flying allowing foreign tourists and Portuguese to fly.

Since the beginning of the health crisis, the air sector has been at a standstill. The financial situation and future of some low-cost airlines was more than unclear. However, the situation in the European Union seems to be moving and the barriers restricting travel are being lifted more and more. As EasyJets flights reopening,  travelers will be able to come to Portugal while buying their ticket at an affordable price.

A reopening that is not without risk

However, Covid-19 obliges, the gestures barriers will be put in place not to endanger the lives of employees, or even those of passengers, wearing the mandatory mask and disinfecting the aircraft will be done after each flight.

“This launch comes at a time of uncertainty,” says EasyJet Portugal’s director general, José Lopes, – adding that the airline “will continue to monitor demand trends and the various restrictions in the market” so that it can “gradually adjust its offer” of routes.

As EsayJets start flying again from Portugal, it is now possible for visitors to come out their country, Portugal’s airports offer routes with France, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany, Luxembourg and Italy.

For Portugal and its tourists, a summer holiday saved

For you as for us, Summer is synonymous with travel, escapade or and tourism. And many people want to enjoy their summer.

A situation that EasyJets Portugal news  is well welcomed: “Today we recover 80% of our routes and bring to our passengers 2/3 of our crew. We couldn’t be happier because we are going to travel on most of our routes throughout Europe, which means that customers can still reach their chosen destination for this year’s summer vacation,” adds José Lopes.

As a result EasyJets resumes 51 routes from Portugal, if you want to come to Portugal, you now fix a Portugal visa appointment in order to  apply for Portugal visa, you can find all the information on our website.