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Sónar Lisboa 2022 – A Prominent Electronic Music Festival in Lisbon

Sónar Lisboa 2022 – A Prominent Electronic Music Festival in Lisbon

Sónar Lisboa 2022

The first edition of Sónar Lisboa 2022 will take place in the Portuguese capital on the weekend of April 8th and 10th, and it promises to be a memorable event.

Dates of the Music Festival – 8th to 10th April 2022

Sónar Lisboa aspires to bring together a diverse regional and global audience to celebrate progressive music, creativity, and cutting-edge technology.

Sónar Lisboa will take over iconic locations throughout the city over three days, with day and night activities focusing on the newest trends in dance and electronic music, visual arts, and digital culture, showcasing known artists and intriguing newcomers in a unique way.

A Brief History of the Sonar Lisbon Music Festival

The very first thing that pops up in mind when you think of the Sónar Festival is most likely Barcelona.

Like it should, given that the event has put the Catalan capital on the electronic music map for the past 28 years.

Affiliate editions of the fest have been springing up all over the world, with Sónar Lisboa being the next to open its doors.

What makes Sónar Lisboa a must-visit Festival?

The Festival will be spread across multiple locations!

From the 8th to the 10th of April, the inaugural Portuguese edition of the Sónar festival will be held in Lisbon, with over 70 shows spread over four iconic venues.

Sónar Lisboa 2022

One of the most exciting aspects for Sónar fans is the amount, variety, and distinctiveness of the locales, which is intended to make this experience genuinely unique!

Experience Events in Different Venues

The Hub Criativo do Beato – The first venue to open its doors, is currently a centre of innovation for creative and technical firms, erected where the Portuguese Army industrial complex’s southern wing originally stood.

The Hub, located in Lisboa’s Fábrica do Po de Factory, will serve as Sónar+D’s base-camp, with the festival kicking off on Friday the 8th in the afternoon.

Sónar by Night – will be taking over several venues across the city when the Hub closes for the day on Friday evening. Some of these venues will be the:

  • Coliseu dos Recreios
  • Pavilho Carlos Lopes
  • Centro de Congressos de Lisboa, and

The Pavilho Carlos Lopes, located in the Parque Eduardo VI, was built for the 1922 International Exhibition in Rio de Janeiro, then dismantled and moved to Lisbon in 1932.

It has been a famous destination for a variety of events since then, and it’ll play a key role in the festival.

Experience Rich Music by Popular Artists

Meanwhile, thousands of techno junkies will be enthusing to the tunes of Aril Brikha live, BLEID, Charlotte de Witte and many popular artists at the Centro Congressos de Lisboa (CCL).

This is one of the city’s largest event venues that began with the ’98 Expo and is located close to the river Tagus. It will be difficult for you to leave the CCL if you enjoy high BPM, acid, rave, and minimal tunes.

The Theme – Our Planet and Humanity

Expect Three days of virtual reality, Ai, and visual arts, as well as presentations, seminars, meetings, networking, demos, exhibitions, debates, and immersive experiences, will be held to explore the primary themes of Our Planet and Humanity.

Lineup 2022 of Sonar Music Festival

The very first edition of Sónar Lisboa included almost 40 new musicians to the roster, ranging from the crème de la creme of the local underground to the leading names in electronic music.

Sónar Lisboa 2022

The event has added musicians from both the Portuguese and worldwide underground to international headliners including Arca, Bicep, Dixon, DJ Shadow, and Richie Hawtin.

Lisboa will pulse to the sound of revolutionary and forward-thinking electronic music on the 8th, 9th, and 10th of April, spanning four iconic locations, as part of a complete programme of Sónar+D events.

The different sounds of worldwide dance culture are strongly featured throughout the music festival roster.

From Total Freedom, Partiboi69, and Dengue Dengue Dengue live to Leon Vynehall, Nkisi, and Héctor Oaks. Violet will perform live, and BLEID, DJ Lycox, and Marum will rub elbows with seasoned Lisboa DJs like Photonz, Rui Vargas, and Yen Sung to showcase the strong Portuguese scene.

Sónar Lisboa 2022 Tickets

There are multiple tickets and passes that you can buy to get an entry into the Sonar music fest in Portugal Lisbon:

  • Full Pass – starting from 161 Euros (get full access to the event from 8th to 10th April)
  • Sonar by Day – starting from 54 Euros (Access to the Day events of 9th & 10th April)
  • Sonar by Day VIP – starting from 97 Euros (VIP access for 9th & 10th April)
  • Sonar by Night – starting from 43 Euros (Access to the CCL on 8th April)
  • Sonar by Night VIP – starting from 65 Euros (VIP access to CCL on 8th April)

Apart from this, the organizers are also offering packages and accommodation options.

For more details, click here –

Sónar Lisboa 2022

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Spring Break Portugal 2022 – A 5-Day Extravaganza for Sybarites


The beautiful region of Albufeira is readying itself to host an exciting event that goes by the name Spring Break Portugal 2022.

The five-day, five-night festival will take place from 7th April to 11th April 2022, across the city’s beaches, bars, clubs, pools, boats, and beyond, with DJs spinning the best in Hip Hop, R&B, Dancehall, Bashment, Afrobeats, House, Baile Funk, Soca, Garage, Grime, and more.

Spring Break Portugal is the ideal combination of a beach vacation and extended weekender, with days spent relaxing on the beach or by the pool and nights spent hitting the clubs.

Want to get a Visa for Portugal so that you can take part in this amazing event with your friends or family? Before you do that, simply read our informative guide to know all about Spring Break in Portugal.

What is Spring Break Portugal?

The spring break phenomenon is fast spreading over the world, with individuals fleeing the monotonous weather by flying abroad to sunny destinations in search of the finest spring break adventure. The organizers of the Spring Break festival realized this which encourage them to now provide you with the same spring-like experience, complete with incredible parties, beautiful beaches, plenty of sunshine, food, drink, and excitement.


“They’ve designed a one-of-a-kind SEA, SUN, & SPRING BREAK event that makes the most of what Portugal and the Algarve have to offer.”

Major Attractions of Spring Break Portugal 2022

An Amazing Ambience
Spring Break Portugal is a one-of-a-kind festival holiday held during the Easter vacation. It’s an excellent setting featuring beautiful weather, a fantastic ambience, and plenty of parties because it’s located in the centre of the Algarve.
Interesting Events for Sybarites
On Spring Break Portugal, join dozens of people in Portugal for a nearly week-long adventure as the organizers take over the Algarve (a popular Portuguese vacation location). Spring Break Portugal 2022 is a five-day, five-night vacation/festival packed with interesting events and plenty of fun nights out.

Events are held not just in nightclubs and hotels, but also across Albufeira, where venues like the Old Town Square, Oura Strip, Marina, and hotel pools are transformed into colourful and energetic locations for what we call SPRINGBREAKPORTUGAL!

During five days of sheer bliss, Spring Break Portugal attracts celebrity DJs and a variety of attractions.

Spring Break Portugal 2022 tickets

The Spring Break in Portugal is offering two types of tickets namely:


Full Pass – Value for Money

The full pass enables you to easily access all the Sring Break Portugal Events that will be held across 5 days and 5 nights.

Individual Day Tickets – For Short Duration Vacationers

You can book tickets for a single day out of any of the 5-day events. The prices start at $ 64/day.


The organizers of the Spring Break Portugal 2022 are also offering 2 types of accommodations namely:

  • Standard Studio – starts at 84 dollars/night
  • Deluxe Studio – starts at 106 dollars/night

The organizers are also offering airport transfers starting at $ 43 per person.

How to Reach the Venue of Spring Break Portugal?

The Spring Break Music Festivals and events will be held across multiple locations of Albufeira. You can easily reach Albufeira via bus or plane.

If you are going via plane then land at the Faro airport and then after that, you can take the bus to reach the Albufeira region


Albufeira is well-connected via road so you can take buses from Lisbon, Lagos, Huelva, Portimao and Faro to reach Albufeira.

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Easter 2022 in Portugal– Traditions and Celebrations

Easter 2022 in Portugal

The spell-binding country of Portugal is readying itself to celebrate an important festival – Easter in Portugal 2022.

From historic traditions to mouth-watering foods, church gatherings, and fasting periods during the Lent season, Portugal offers a wide range of attractions for both locals and tourists.

Planning to get a Visa for Portugal so that you can experience Easter celebrations and traditions? Before you do that, go through our small guide that will help you understand interesting things that happen in Portugal during Easter.

What to expect during Easter 2022 in Portugal?

Portugal residents respect Easter which is why the event is declared as a National holiday in Portugal 2022.

The main reason behind this respect and reverence for Easter is the symbolism that it carries – Jesus Christ, who came into this world, suffered, died, was buried and on the 3rd day, he rose again in fulfillment of the scriptures. The resurrection of Jesus Christ is celebrated as Easter.

And local Catholics strictly follow all the traditional practices like lent season and fasting.

Easter 2022 in Portugal

Here are some interesting traditions that Portuguese people follow during the holy lent season till Easter time:

  • They attend church as much as possible
  • They eat fish-based dishes.
  • People who are devoted make sure to remember Jesus and read their Bible daily.

When are Portugal Public Holidays of Good Friday & Easter?

The Good Friday will be held on 15th April whereas Easter will be held on 17th April.

Both of these days will be public holidays as Portuguese people revere Jesus Christ and follow the traditions and rituals with utmost sincerity.

Since these days will be public holidays, most of the shops will be closed. Many people go to churches to attend holy mass whereas others spend their time with families or loved ones.

Traditions of Easter in Portugal 2022


Traditional Foods during Easter in Portugal

One of the best traditional foods to try out during Easter is chocolate almonds. They are available in different colors and are a favorite among kids. Many people even gift these delicious treats to each other during Easter.

Easter 2022 in Portugal

During lunch, you can try out these traditional delights:

  • Folar – A large loaf of bread (made from special flour) filled with mouth-watering sausages of different kinds. Depending on the region, you might even see some egg toppings on the Folar.
  • Cabrito – A lip-smacking roasted lamb that is usually served with roasted potatoes or chestnuts.

What about Sweet stuff?

During Easter day 2022, you will come across many delicious sweet delights such asPão-de-Ló (a scrumptious cake), chocolate figurines (easter bunny), and chocolate eggs.

Traditions & Rituals of Easter 2022 in Portugal

Before Easter, the religious people take part in the Lent season. During this season, many people practice fasting, abstaining from meat-based foods, or only eating fish during certain times.

Some devotees even observe Ash Wednesday and Maundy Thursday as well.

In some villages, you will come across special celebrations which include processions along the streets. During this time, some people visit homes to bless the families as well.

Rural places in Portugal observe Easter more religiously as compared to modern cities like Lisbon and Algarve.

Easter 2022 in Portugal

However, the Roman Catholics make sure to adhere to all the religious traditions and rituals. That is why you will witness Easter celebrations nearby churches.

Many restaurants also try to serve Easter-related culinary delights to create an Easter ambience for holidaymakers.

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