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Embark your Madeira tour & witness the real beauty of Europe!

Embark your Madeira tour & witness the real beauty of Europe!


Portugal – the dream holiday destination of thousands of tourists! The country has something or the other to offer for everybody. From historic cities to rich culture and sparkling beaches, Portugal houses them all. Travellers, if city tour is not your cup of tea, how about Madeira tour – The Europe’s own Hawaii? Confused?

Madeira beach Portugal, the Portuguese archipelago is often compared to Hawaii. Wondering about how to get there? Simple! Portugal visa is the foremost requirement!


With a vibrant array of things to do in Madeira island Portugal, it is an incredible place to plan your vacation. Be it romantic honeymoon, family vacation or adventure tour, Madeira is where you should head to! Also known as ‘The Island of Eternal Spring’, the weather is pleasant throughout the year with fresh breeze.

This hidden gem of Europe, welcomes more and more visitors every year! Once in Madeira, the beauty will never let your travelling spirit die!

Before moving ahead, let us quickly check the history of Madeira. The origin of this island dates back to Miocene period i.e. around 5 million years ago. The successive eruption of volcanoes deposited lava layers, which eventually formed series of islands.


Madeira is the largest and most populated one! Keep in mind, the in-habitation of the island began in the year 1419, when the first Portuguese ship landed here. Since then, the island rapidly evolves to become one of the most enchanting islands of Portugal.

Repeatedly voted as the world’s top island destination, it is the ideal location to fade away in the tranquility of nature. Its black sand beaches are what make it unique! All it takes is a Portugal visa to explore the country’s most romantic destination.

Apart from sightseeing, you can enjoy a lot of activities in Madeira. Be it wine tasting, visiting Botanical gardens or towering rock walls, Madeira Island have them all!

While sojourning in Madeira, make some time to visit Sao Vicente Caves. Formed around 890,000 years ago, it is the result of volcanic eruption. As a result, countless lava tubes were created which have been open to public since 1990s.


The incredible volcanic center within the caves is a great collection that displays a lot about volcanic activates. Do not miss the Madeira’s Incredible Landscape!

While on Portugal excursion, make some time to explore the beauty of Madeira Island. Furthermore, if you are worried about where to stay in Madeira, you can easily book your accommodation online. So, what are you waiting for! Apply for Portugal visa and embark your romantic & thrilling journey to Madeira.

Happy Journey!

Explore the beauty of Aveiro with a Portugal tourist visa

With the beautiful and medieval castles, massive beaches and cobblestone villages, Portugal is a must-visit holiday destination in Europe. The beauty of Portugal is beyond imagination! It has all the reasons to magnetize tourists in large number. The marvellous weather, unique culture and picturesque scenery will definitely steal your heart. Apart from pleasure to eyes, Portugal cuisines can let your taste buds feel the bliss! History, mouth-watering food and picturesque scenery are just the beginning, Portugal has lot more things to offer! There are countless and magnificent cities in Portugal, which can make your tour mesmerizing one. You are just a Portugal tourist visa away!


Among all the mesmerizing cities in Portugal, Aveiro is one of the most colourful and charming one. A few miles away from Porto, it is the favourite day trip destination for both domestic and international tourists. While on Portugal tour, it is the best place to escape the chaos of life and rest in tranquillity.

Before moving ahead, it is important to know the history of Aveiro.

Established in roman times, it was earlier known as ‘Aviarium’, which means – A gathering place. Being a coastal area, boats fishing has been an important activity from beginning. Unfortunately, in the year 1570, a ferocious storm attacked the wealthy seaport.

As a consequence of it, the mouth of Rio Vouga was blocked, closing the route for ocean going ships. Sadly, the Aveiro’s population reduced by three-quarters, over the next two centuries. The happiness again knocked the doors of Aveiro in 1808! The Barra Canal forged a passage back to the sea, which again enriched the wealth of the city.

With maze of canals and kaleidoscopic Moliceiros boats, Aveiro Portugal is proudly designated as ‘Venice of Portugal’. All it takes is a Portugal tourist visa to explore the country’s most romantic destination. In addition, Aveiro Portugal tourism has a lot of hidden activities to offer.

Be it sightseeing, vibrant nightlife or romantic beaches, Aveiro Portugal has them all! While sojourning in Aveiro, make sure to visit Costa Nova – the sparkling beach is just a short bus ride away. You will definitely fall in love with the Artistic architectures, quaint fisherman’s district and colossal buildings.


The to-do list in Aveiro is long! It is a worthy place to visit while on Portugal excursion. You can book budget – friendly Aveiro hotels for a luxurious and comfortable stay. What are you waiting for! Apply for Portugal visa and embark your romantic and thrilling journey to Aveiro.

Happy Journey!

Best Places to Visit in Portugal for You!


This Article is a candid collection of the best places to visit in Portugal! Though it is next to impossible to bind the enthusiasts travelling on a Portugal tourist visa, still, we managed to collect the top entries from the lists of the craziest fun finders!

The desire to travel and explore has been burning deep inside of Mankind from Stone Age! The Zeal to seek the unknown in the hearts of travel maniacs has set the course of the history as we know it today! With technology coming to the aid of modern day travel enthusiasts, the entire world seems to be in reach!  One such popular destination acting as a luring eye candy is Portugal! The only condition – A valid Portugal Visa!

Let us start with our list:

  • Lisbon: The fun begins with Lisbon! It is the capital of Portugal and the primary gateway of arrival for the Fun hunters! Before there exploring minds set sails to other destinations in Portugal, these travel definers love to explore the elations offered by Lisbon!
    The simplest way to do so is to book a ride in the Vintage Tram Rides! And what will you see? The Real Portugal! The rich architectural heritage, cultural neighborhoods filled with lively colors of life, Churches and Cathedral standing tall to recite their rich history and Warm & welcoming People! The bonus – Glimpses of Tagus River with Hills surrounding the city!




It is the best way to feel refreshed after a tiresome journey to Portugal!

  • Algarve Path: And once these travelers are satisfied with Lisbon, they now look for the thrills they started their journeys for! The Algarve path also known as the Algarve stretch is where they head to! A collection of sandy beaches along the stretch acts like old wine for these drunkards!




Along with Mesmerizing beauty, these beaches also offer a bunch of crazy fun filed activities to these adrenaline junkie. They are:

  • Surfing
  • Beach Parachuting
  • Scuba Diving
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Sun Bathing and above ball
  • Bird watching


  • Azores: And once they are exhausted, they seek the shelters in the lap of Mother Nature! And what better place than a solitary island to recharge the travelling batteries! These green island offers the peace to those who seek solace! The chain of nine wonderful volcanic islands offers the best of Mother Nature for photo enthusiasts!




And that’s not all! We will continue this list in the next article! Meanwhile, Get your Portugal Visa ready to travel to these exotic places in Portugal.

Lisbon: The Treasure trove of Charismatic & Vibrant Culture

Portugal’s capital, Lisbon is eminent for its rich & varied history, a buzzing nightlife & is blessed with a glorious year round climate. Located in western Portugal, Lisbon is the largest city of Portugal with an estimated population of 505,526. The capital city is perched on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean & is one of the rare Western European cities that enjoy the reputation of being a leisure city. To relish the mesmerizing beauty of this euphoric city facing the turquoise ocean, grab your Portugal Schengen visa.

Lisbon is one of the major economic centers on the European continent. The city has earned the recognition as an alpha-level global city because of its flourishing financial, commercial, media, entertainment, tourism, arts & education sectors. Its white-bleached limestone buildings, intimate alleyways, & an easy going charm fascinates travelers from across the globe & makes it a popular year-round destination. To witness the ecstasy of this extravagant and ostentatious destination, apply for Portugal visa online now & gather memories for life.

Lisbon is a wonderful holiday destination & this guide will detail you about the major attractions & things to do in this historical prominence.

1. Savor culinary delight: Lisbon has a clear sweet tooth which is visible while walking along most city streets. Bakeries & pastries shops are as ubiquitous as Dunkin Donuts shops are in the Northeast US. The authentic pasteis de nata compels visitors to sink their teeth into this mouth watering dessert. This city is eminent for serving delicious Portuguese dishes, cheese and wine for every budget. Among the major delectable cuisine of this city include:

• Bacalhau, a dried and salted codfish
• Lulas recheadas à lisbonense, stuffed squid of Lisbon style
• Petiscos, small and tasty snacks served in Lisbon bars
• peixe e marisco, scrumptious fish & seafood
• Azeitão cheese, creamy and rich-smelling cheese, specialty of Lisbon etc

2. Bag for Bargain at Feira Da Ladra: This is Lisbon’s flea market often misunderstood as Thieves’ Market. The market is held every Tuesday & Saturday in Campo de Santa Clara, & is dedicated to sell objects of all kinds. These include real gems, azulejos, antiques, handicrafts, CD’s, books, clothes, coins, military objects, furniture etc.

This is one of the oldest markets in Lisbon that has evolved overtime from selling the unwanted second-hand goods to the present day jumble of antics & random goods. The market offers stupefying opportunity to bargain venerers to practice their haggling skills & get the best purchase at the lowest price.

3. Stray in the beauty of Alfama District: Alfama is one of the oldest districts in Lisbon. It is a delightful maze of narrow cobbled streets, breathtaking views, ancient houses, charming & traditional districts & many historic buildings including the Se Cathedral, the Castle, the National Pantheon & Saint Anthony’s Church.

The streets of the district are best explored by simply getting lost in, as every corner or steep climb is a delightful tiny plazas, funky cafés, unique shops & wonderful viewpoints. Alfama is an adorable district which could easily take a full day to explore it.

4. Marvel at the Torre de Belem: Soaring high above the seafront of the Lisbon quays, Belem’s great tower is the undisputed heart stealer. It is recognized as a prominent site in the UNESCO listed monastery & displays a veritable fusion of architectural styles from the Gothic to the Romanesque, Mudejar to the Moorish.

Built in between 1514 & 1520 as part of the Tagus estuary defence system, the elegant fort is lavished with beautiful & intricate details. Since its construction, the fort has risen to become perhaps the most iconic feature of the city.

The list of “To Do Things” in Lisbon is endless. To discover the magical attractions, entertainment, special events and more in this amazing city, apply for Portugal Visa online now.

The remarkable archipelago in the middle of Atlantic


Palpitated with architectural beauty, spectacular views & amazing signature tipples, Portugal is one of the most ravishing & prosperous countries in the world. Renowned for its idyllic cinematic scenery, succulent food & history, Portugal is a captivating country with varied geographical definitions that fascinates travelers from around the globe. Portugal is recognized as one of the best value destinations in the whole European continent for its pristine beaches, glorious climate, traditional fishing villages & historic districts. To relish the charismatic beauty of this seraphic destination, grab your Portugal visa UK now with our expedited online services.

Portugal may be a small country in terms of geographical definitions, however the plethora of extraordinary adventures & remarkable attractions acclaimed it the Best travel Destination in 2018. Portugal’s Islands in particular are among the country’s esteemed highlights that enjoy the reputation for being a leisure stop. The archipelago of the Azores for instance is a whole other world of beauty. To indulge in your love for spectacular views, incredible wildlife, serene ambience and delectable cuisine apply for Portugal visa UK & form memories of its many wonders!

The archipelago of the Azores offers myriad of reasons to delight in this remarkable landscape once in a lifetime. Situated in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, the Azores are nine volcanic islands recognized as one of the best value destinations in Portugal. Each island of Azores has its own intriguing identity. The islands are renowned for insanely green hills & meadows, lush vegetation, whale – watching, hot springs & picturesque seaside towns. To witness a myriad of adventures offered in this beckoning blip, you’re your Portugal visa now.

Reasons to visit the Azores
Azores, the far-flung archipelago in the middle of Atlantic, is the best place for nature enthusiasts, adventure seeking fans & people looking for a beacon of sustainability. The tantalizing reasons to visit this autonomous region of Portugal include:

1. Waterfalls: Azores is a paradise for nature lovers especially for the ones who admire waterfalls. The Azores islands offer myriad of most outstanding waterfalls & thermal hot springs in the whole of Europe. The most popular waterfalls of Azores are located in Flores, the Islands of Flowers & Sao Miguel, the biggest Island of the Azores. Waterfalls are Azores trademark that offer a stupendous opportunity to unravel your long exposure skills & capture the perfect smoky photos. The five most beautiful waterfalls of the Azores include:

• Salto do Prego- – Faial da Terra
• Salto do Cabrito – Ribeira Grande
• Caldeira Velha – Ribeira Grande
• Cascata da Ribeira Grande – Agua de Alto
• Cascata do Porto Formoso – Porto Formoso

2. Mesmerizing Lakes: The Azores are Europe’s best kept secrets. The islands are characterized by extreme abundance and impressive nature. The green hills & the dreamy turquoise lakes are the breathtaking splendor that makes it a remarkable traveler’s paradise. The innumerous lakes in this amazing landscape offer visitors a multitude of sport opportunities such as fishing, boating, surfing and a lot more! The list of must visit lakes in Azores without which the trip this spectacular place is incomplete include:

• Lagoa das Sete Cidades
• Lagoa de Santiago
• Lagoa Rasa
• Lagoa das Furnas

3. Whales & Dolphins: The Azorean Archipelago is one of the best sites to spot whales and dolphins. The Island comprises of one third of more than 20 different types of cetaceans (whales, dolphins and porpoises) in the world. This is an ecosystem with unique characteristics. With majestic whales and friendly dolphins, the blue Atlantic Ocean becomes even more magic around these nine islands. To witness the exotic species of these spectacular mammals apply for Portugal Visa UK now!

The island of Azores were once uninhabited; however this volcanic archipelago now attracts thousands of tourists every year. It has also been crowned as one of the most sustainable destinations in the world. These islands offer a tremendous potential in terms of activities to feed your adventurous side. You can go on trekking, sink your toes in the sand, swim in the wild Atlantic & relish a drink the classic vineyard industry. Just grab your Portugal visa UK and gather memories for life!

Flamboyant Events & Festivals In Portugal

Wild Atlantic Beaches, gorgeous sunsets, scrumptious cuisine, medieval castles, cobblestone villages, captivating cities and golden beaches etc – Portugal never ceases to surprise the world with its ostentatious destinations & drooling culinary specialties.

Portugal is the most preferred tourist spot in Europe where you can spend morning surfing awesome waves & the afternoon skiing down snowy slopes. A connoisseur of alcohol is sure to love this country as Portugal is home to hundreds of award-winning wines. To carouse some bubbles of sparkling Portuguese wines, grab Portugal Visa now.

This is not all! Portugal is a country where you can hike up a 7,000 ft tall peak, explore centuries-old cities and castles & savor one of the world’s best kept culinary secrets.

It is difficult to say a ‘no’ to all of that. Moreover, with the sustained increase in expenses for the living, travelling & exploring to live one’s dream may seem a hard cookie. However, Portugal stands out of all the tourist destinations in Europe as it is the cheapest option for a trip for people on a tight budget.

Portugal is a trendy country that attracts big international events like a magnet. The country also has its own major events that attract millions throughout the year. The bottom line is: wherever & whenever you go, you won’t get bored in Portugal. The month of February is one of the best times of the year to fly to Portugal. So get your Portugal Visa & gather memories for life.

The main highlights during this time of the year in Portugal include:

1. Algarve Granfondo- February 19th: If you love cycling, this one is for you! The Algarve Granfondo Cofidis is a type of long distance road cycling ride held in Algarve, a beautiful southern coastline of Portugal. This competition gives adrenaline junkies a stupendous opportunity to take you around the stunning countryside of the Algarve region. Deemed one of the best early season cycling competitions, Algarve Granfondo is open to everyone.

The competition is available in varied options:

• Granfrando which is the longest i.e. 140 km.
• Mediofondo is 83 km long cycling race.
• Minifondo, the shortest of all i.e. 50 km

Based on the stamina and comfort you could choose to participate in any one of the above mentioned cycling rides. Apply for Portugal Visa online to be a part of this amazing cycling competition.

2. Carnaval (Entrudo): Falling on different days every year, Carnaval is a national level event in Portugal that is particularly live & exciting in Lisbon, Maderia & Algarve Towns. The carnival is all about fun, music, costumes & plenty of food. The elaborate costumes of the carnival are something to behold. The excitement of getting dressed in varied costumes can be seen with the month’s long preparation for the celebration. From feathers to metals to sequins, you will see it all.

The natives are meticulous in preparing the costume & are focused on ensuring that every detail is perfected. Though the carnival is all about fun, the preparation is hard work. Parades of people dressed in costumes are held, a tradition that comes from medieval times.

Even if you have attended the carnival celebration elsewhere, you simply must experience the Portugal carnival. A Portugal Schengen visa is all it takes to witness the amazing carnival that will have you awe struck.

The beginning of the year is the best time to experience the cities and the people of Portugal. If you want to have fun and to let loose on vacation then apply for Portugal Visa online carnival & relish the myriad of festivity treasures.

Portugal- Seraphic Destination of Europe

Located on the South-western coast of the Iberian Island, Portugal shares border with Atlantic Ocean on the West and Spain to its North and East. It ranks among one of the most visited countries in Europe due to its blissful climate, astounding sceneries, fascinating history, reasonable travel costs and extraordinary attractions.

Portugal is a captivating country with varied geographical definitions ranging from verdant blooming mountains and vineyards to medieval farmland villages and charismatic beaches of the Algrave. The archipelagos of Azores and Madeira lying in the Atlantic Ocean belong to Portugal and are renowned for their lavish landscapes & flower yards. The traditional fishing villages overlook flawless beaches along the sea-shore, while in the cities; historic famed regions exist with the ultra-modern zones.

Portugal may be a small country in terms of geographical definitions; however tourism in Portugal has been voyaging on a wave of success. People are looking for ways to get Portugal Visa UK to this seraphic destination. Apply for Portugal Visa today using our expedited online services.

Here is an overview to some of the best places that you may visit in Portugal on your Portugal Tourist Visa.

1. Coimbra:
Coimbra is a charming city located in the heart of Portugal, by the Mondego River. This ancient university town is an intriguing blend of Roman and medieval ruins, historic sites & beautiful gardens. Coimbra is renowned for lively culture and country’s second popular music genre, Fado. The Ancient University of Coimbra is amongst one of the most visited tourist attractions that is classical, continually-working & degree-seeking institution of the world.

These attractions share a part of their fame with the Baroque-styled Biblioteca Joanina library admired as one of the most beautiful libraries of the world. You can simply indulge & discover many other historic sites such as Stunning Old Cathedral, Gothic Monastery of Sanat Clara-a-Velha, the Sala das Armas, and the Sala dos Capelos. So, what are you waiting for? Grab Portugal Visa UK and embark on a fascinating & enchanting journey to Portugal.

2. Azores:
The Archipelagos of the Azores are a group of nine distinct volcanic islands in North Atlantic Ocean, located around 1500 km west of Lisbon. Each island on Azores has its own intriguing identity. The islands are renowned for phenomenal whale-watching, insanely green hills and meadows, lush vegetation, hot springs & picturesque seaside towns.

São Miguel, nicknamed as “The Green Island”, is the largest & most populous island of the Azores. The island is a home to 160,000 inhabitants & holds the largest city of the archipelago named Ponta Delgada.

The Pico Island of this volcanic archipelago is also referred to as “Black Island” for its black volcanic topography. Pico is home to the highest mountain peak in Portugal, known as Ponta do Pico. There’s a tremendous potential in terms of activities to feed your adventurous side. You can go on trekking, sink your toes in the sand, swim in the wild Atlantic & relish a drink from Pico’s classic vineyard industry.

The island of Azores were once uninhabited; however this volcanic archipelago now attracts thousands of tourists every year. It has also been crowned as one of the most sustainable destinations in the world.

Portugal is blessed with alluring & stimulating crowd-pleasers and has progressive attitudes with liberal & innovator thinking, flamboyant nightlife. It is clear that they have kept their roots grounded.

Portugal is indeed a traveler’s paradise & a perfect spot for family holiday vacation. Apply for Portugal Visa today and head to this angelic destination.

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