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Pixies Lisbon – Encounter the grand launch of upcoming album!

Pixies Lisbon – Encounter the grand launch of upcoming album!

Pixies, the renowned North-American rock band, which emerged in the year 1986, the band gain immense popularity in no time! Famous for its unique blend of punk rock and pop music, the band introduced the sound defined as ‘Alternative Rock’. The band came into existence when Thompson, singer-guitarist along with his roommate decided to put it together.

With successful duo ads & Pixies events, others joined hence, creating such amazing band! The Pixies earned great reputation after the release of their debut album in the year 1988. The debut album became instant favourite! Unfortunately, with the release of one of the landmark albums of 1990s – Last Splash, the band disbanded in the year 1993.


However, after 11 years a wave of happiness flows to the band. In the year 2004, it reunites and performed with greater enthusiasm! Their popularity rapidly grew in the years of their break-up! Even after all the ups and downs, the band is all set to rock Pixies Lisbon this year!

With this reunion commenced their World Tour! Finally, the band decided to stop off in Lisbon as a part of their World tour. Excited Music lovers? Is your visa for Portugal ready? Let’s dive deep into the musical vibes of Pixies in Lisbon Portugal!

Lisboa are you ready? Raise your voices! Cheer the unbelievably good performances by one of the best rock bands! Pixies – The rock band is making its way to Lisbon this October! The band is all set to rock the heart of the city with incredible performances! Alongside, the band is coming with great news! The launch of their new album is scheduled, making the event a big celebration! Get ready music enthusiasts! Plan your tour and head to Lisbon now!

Is your Portugal visa UK ready? Not yet? In need of more inspiration! Well, check out the major details of the grand Pixies Lisbon event at a glance:

Date: 25th October, 2019

Venue: Campo Pequeno


Get ready to fade away in the musical vibes! Furthermore, do not forget to explore the endless beauty of the capital city! Apply for Portugal visa and plan your tour now!

Make memories for a lifetime!

Happy Vacations!


HÁ HIP HOP A NORTE- the brand-new Portugal Hip Hop Festival

Visa to Portugal

HÁ HIP HOP A NORTE, the brand-new Portugal Hip Hop Festival is all set to allure music-maniacs from around the world. People are looking for ways to get their Portugal Visa Appointment materialized to guarantee their presence at Hip Hop North music Festival.

This year it will held in Exponor- Feira Internacional do Porto on 26th October 2019. The Feira Internacional do Porto is a space especially allocated for organizing events, which is located around 8 kilometers north-west of Porto’s City Centre.


HÁ HIP HOP A NORTE, translated as Hip Hop North festival, will be organized by the esteemed Portugal radio station, Radio Nova Era to celebrate their birthday. Some of the lauded hippest names in Portugal will be invited to grace the event with their presence.

Excited to attend this exhilarating hip hop festival? Well, a Visa to Portugal from UK is all that you need to get to Porto. You can apply for Visa to Portugal from the comfort of your home by filling the Online Visa Application form.

Visa to Portugal

Before you can embark on an enthralling journey to HÁ HIP HOP A NORTE, let us get insights & details of this music festival.

Details of the HÁ HIP HOP A NORTE Music Festival:

Date: 26th October 2019

Venue: Exponor – Feira Internacional do Porto, Matosinhos, Porto, 4450-515, Portugal

Genres: Rock, Heavy Metal, EDM, Drum & Bass, House, Hip Hop, Techno, Indie, Pop, Electronic

Major Highlight of the Hip Hop Festival:

While the renowned Radio Nova Era celebrates its birthday, the Hip Hop North Festival welcomes some of the Portugal’s top-notch & hottest rappers to grace this Portugal festival.

The Line-up of the Artists is out: The line-up of the Portugal rap & hip-hop artists for 2019 Edition of Hip Hop North includes Dealema, Kappa Jotta, Mundo Segundo, X-Tense, Valas, Domi & Harold.

The festival will feature a myriad of music genres to satisfy the palate of every music-lover. These will include Rock, Heavy Metal, EDM, Drum & Bass, House, Hip Hop, Techno, Indie, Pop and Electronic.


How to get to the HÁ HIP HOP A NORTE Venue:

Grab a Visa to Portugal & head to Portugal. Get down from plane at Porto Airport. Take Bus no.601 running to the venue from number of bus-stops across Porto.

HÁ HIP HOP A NORTE awaits your arrival!

Indulge in the zest of Semibreve Festival 2019, Portugal


The 9th Edition of the globally acclaimed Portuguese Music Festival, Semibreve Fest is back to Portugal and it is going to be as grand and fierce as ever. The festival will be held from 25th to 27th October 2019 in the heart of Braga Portugal at three different locations namely, theatre Circo, cultural centre gnration and the 17th Century town-house Casa Rolão.

Thousand of electronic music maniacs are looking for ways to get their Portugal Visa Appointment materialized to guarantee their place at this exhilarating Music Festival.

Music Lovers, are you excited to attend Semibreve Festival 2019? Well, a Portugal Visa from UK is all that you need to ensure your presence at this invigorating & thrilling music fest.


Before you can embark on an enthralling journey, let us get an insight of the highlights & details of this year’s Semibreve Fest.

What is Semibreve Festival, Portugal?

Semibreve Festival is an annual digital arts & experimental electronic music festival that is organized in Braga, Portugal.  An intriguing line-up of renowned international artists, musicians & performers come together to grace one of the world’s most incredible Music Festivals.

Since year 2011 this thrilling Music Festival is being held in Braga’s 100 years old theatre. It has continued to impress & mystify the music lovers by promising them an immersive experience with electronic music.

This renowned Semibreve Festival seeks to offer a remarkable line-up of audio-visual performances & array of invigorating electronic music.

No wonder why thousands of lovers of fine music visit the spectacular Semibreve Festival every year.


The dazzling celebration of electronic art, Semibreve Fest is one again back with an array of fantastic line-up of artists & performers. A Tourist Portugal Visa from UK is all that one needs to get to the Semibreve Festival 2019.

Details of the Semibreve Festival 2019:

Date: 25th to 27th October 2019

Venue: Theatre Circo Club Av. Liberdade, 4700, Braga, Portugal

Type: Electronic Music & Digital Art Festival

Major Highlights of the Semibreve Festival 2019:

The line-up for this year’s Semibreve Music Festival has been finalized & rolled out to the public.

  • Line-up for 25th October 2019 –

At Theatre Circo: Morton Subotnick + Lillevan, Alessandro Cortini, Ipek Gorgun,

At Cultural Centre Gnration: Nik Void, Avalon Emerson

  • Line-up for 26th October 2019-

At Immaculate Chapel of the Minor Seminary: Deaf Centre

At Theatre Circo: Oren Ambarchi & Robert AA Lowe, Drew McDowall + Florence, Clothilde

At Cultural Centre Gnration: Rian Treanor, Kode9,

  • Line-up for 27th October 2019-

At Medieval Hall UM- Felicia Atkinson

At Theatre Circo: Scanner + Miguel C. Tavares, Suzanne Ciani

The experimental sound-scapes created by lauded & respected artistic figures would feature minimalist, avant-garde, ambient, industrial & drone. The boundary-pushing visuals artists are expected to grace the Semibreve Festival 2019.


The festival is also geared up to organize exhilarating workshops, talks & exhibitions, live music performances from a myriad of selectors & creative artists.

Morton Subotnick, the Co-founder of the California Institute of Arts will make his first-ever appearance at the Semibreve Festival 2019. He will be accompanied by German Artist, Lillevan, Oren Ambarchi and Robert Aiki Aubrey.

The new line-up additions to this year’s Semibreve Fest include the Berlin Atonal and Unsound Festival.


The attractions of the astounding Semibreve Festival 2019, however, are not limited to these only. This electronics art festival has so much up its sleeve this year. To indulge in the merriments of Semibreve Fest, all you need is a Portugal Visa. Apply for Portugal Visa, complete the Online Application form.

All it takes is a Portugal visa to enjoy IGE music & art immersion

IGE music & art Immersion

It’s time to unleash yourself party lovers! Lisbon Portugal is once again all set to welcome music enthusiast in hundreds and thousands. This live music event will plunge you into the heart of the vibrant and colourful culture of Lisbon. Excited to know what it is? After the successfully hosting four years, IGE music & art immersion is back with more enthusiasts to rock whole Lisbon. Excited?

Wondering about how to reach there? The answer is simple! All it takes is a visa for Portugal! Of course, along with the fest tickets! So, what are you waiting for? Plan your tour & apply for Portugal visa now!

Founded by Michael Becker, Innovative Giving Enhancement (IGE) music & art immersion has gained popularity in no time. It has chosen Lisbon as its latest stop for global music & art immersion tour.

Hosted for 10 days and 9 nights, the IGE live music event will echo the whole city with incredible performances. The event attracts music lovers in large number and leaves an everlasting impression.


And, here is the most awaited news for you all! The dates of IGE music & art immersion – this year, the event will kick off on 4th October and culminates on 13th October. Get your tickets booked! This Lisbon music event gives you the opportunity to experience unbelievably good concerts, jam nights and matchless international collaborations.

The fifth edition of IGE will host the most extensive line up to take the event to new heights. The following aces of music industry will definitely make the fifth edition another big success.

The musician line up of IGE music & art immersion 2019 includes:

  • Anders Beck & Paul Hoffman
  • Nicki Bluhm
  • Ian Faquini
  • Ross James & Scott Law
  • Matt Butler
  • Sam Grisman
  • Grahame Lesh

However, this is not the end! IGE is coming to Lisbon with a new twist! Hold your breath music maniacs! For the first time in history, the IGE live music event welcomes Fruition, the first time when the entire band is part of the lineup. In includes Jay Cobb Anderson, Mimi Naja, Kellen Asebroek, Jeff Leonard and Tyler Thompson.

Three cheers for these musical Ambassadors! This year, they will join the musical forces of multi-genre European all-stars for immersive collaboration and unforgettable performances.

IGE music & art Immersion

Have you booked your tickets yet? The time is now, get your visa for Portugal ready! Plan your tour to Lisbon this October! It’s time to rock the whole city! It’s a perfect gateway to fade away in the unbelievable musical vibes!

Shopping in Lisbon – An unforgettable experience!

A mere thought of shopping can definitely cheer up your mood! It suddenly energizes every part of your body! In other words, shopping is no less than a therapy for many! Well, while on your Lisbon travel, shopping is considered mandatory! As we all know, Lisbon is Europe’s least expensive capital city, yet its market will never disappoint you! Despite being the most inexpensive city, Lisbon has all the luxuries, glamour and comfort available. Shopping in Lisbon is no less than a cultural experience, when you are planning to visit the historic stores.

Fashion freaks, you are just a Portugal visa away from the Europe’s most budget – friendly shopping center.


Lisbon is where the sun shines brightly throughout the year! The city is a proud holder of countless unique and wonderful things. Apply for Portugal visa soon and browse the shopping mall Lisbon. This article will help you to find the best shops in Lisbon, where you can explore for fashion apparels, handicrafts, books and many more.

1. Under The Cover: Book Worms, under the cover is the place you should not skip visiting while sojourning in Lisbon. Located near the Gulbenkian Foundation, it is a perfect spot to end your day! Get inspired by the magazines, journals, books and artwork of all genres here!


2.  Maison Nuno Gama: The menswear collection of this new flagship store by the famous Portuguese designer is undoubtedly matchless. The masculine aesthetics are created with the perfect touch of Portuguese heritage.


The stylish apparels designed by Nuno Gama are ideal to grace up your personality with Portuguese touch. Add glitters to your garments with the best ever Gama’s footwear, travel luggage and jewelry range.

3. Feira da Ladra: What can be a cheap place to enjoy shopping than a flea market! Vibrant and colorful, you can find a lot of antique stuff here. The market offers clothes, books, handicrafts, home decor and what not!


4. Colombo Mall: The Lisbon travel is incomplete without exploring the biggest mall in the country. In addition to its exterior, the interior of the mall will leave you awe-inspiring. With 340 shops, you can shop till you drop! Colombo mall is a true reflection of the luxurious shopping in Lisbon.


5. Freeport Lisboa Fashion Outlet: Shopoholics, this is no less than paradise on Earth. This is the place, where you can find an outlet of every big brand. While on your Lisbon tour, spend a day at this fashion outlet and take everything back home.

Freeport Lisboa Fashion Outlet

A perfect balance of malls, fashion outlets and small streets, shopping in Lisbon is an experience in itself. Being the cheapest shopping hub in Europe, Lisbon gives you an opportunity to spend lavishly on your favourite artefact, fashion apparels and other commodities.

So, what are you waiting fashion enthusiasts! Plan your Portugal tour now! Remember to keep enough room in your luggage to carry back the items you shop.

Happy Shopping!