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VillaMix Festival – The best of Brazilian music is back!

VillaMix Festival – The best of Brazilian music is back!


Does your heart beat faster for music? Does music makes you happy? Are you a traveller too? Then, what are you waiting for? Portugal is where you should head to! Lisbon is all set to host music enthusiasts in large number this September. Wondering about what it is? Prime yourself as the biggest Brazilian series has crossed the Atlantic Ocean once again & landed in Lisbon Portugal. Yes, you got it right, VillaMix Festival is back! Music lovers, you are just a visa for Portugal away!

Music maniacs, excited? The famous VillaMix festival 2019 is a satellite event that takes place in Altice Arena, Lisbon for two days. Like its parent festival, the VillaMix Festival Lisboa 2019, displays the finest Brazilian music talents. Be it stars of Setanejo and Latin Pop or World-class DJs, you name it, VillaMix festival has it!


Since 2011, Brazil has been hosting the event in number of cities and leaving an everlasting impression. Attracting around two million music lovers every year, VillaMix festival holds its place in the Guinness World Records for the biggest festival stages.

The music festival Lisboa will kick off on 13th September and rock the whole city till 14th September. Get your tickets booked! The event will host the following Aces of music industry:

  • Alok
  • Gusttavo Lima
  • Jorge & Mateus
  • Luan Santana
  • Calema

The list is long! You have to be there to be on the seventh heaven! Talking all about the grand VillaMix festival Lisboa 2019 is a challenging task!


Music enthusiast, have you booked your music festival tickets yet? The time is now! Get your tickets booked! Apart from the tickets just ensure to have a valid visa with you. In case, you don’t have your visa ready, apply for Portugal visa online now!

It is the perfect destination to escape from all the chaos of life and fade away in the musical vibes! Plan your tour & fly!

Cheer! Be wild! Adieu Festival season!

BPM festival | Another name in the list of Portugal Music Fests!


Does your heart beat faster for rhythm? Does music makes you happy? Then travellers, head to Portugal! Portugal is all set to welcome the music enthusiasts in large number this September. Wondering about what it is! Music maniacs, prime yourself for one of the most prestigious events in Portugal – BPM Festival. Excited? Thinking about how to get there? Simple! All you need is a Portugal Schengen visa!

Almost a decade ago, it was celebrated as a festival for Bartenders, Promoters and Musicians. However, now it is the most beloved music festival among DJs, producers, expertises of music industry and the ones who love music. The well – known brand in the electronic music industry, BPM festival is back with full energy and fun!


The BPM festival 2019 will bring together the aces of House and Techno’s spectrum in a whole lot different manner! With three days & three nights of non-stop partying, this Portugal festival magnetises thousands of young souls from across the Globe. Hosting at multiple venues in Portugal, it is most in-demand event delivering incredible and unimaginable performances.

This year, the acoustic fest will kick off on 12th September and welcomes the big names of music industry for three days. Finally, the event will come to a halt on 15th September. Music maniacs, here is a glimpse of the invited Aces of BPM music festival:

  • Alisha
  • Ben Sterling
  • Calvin Clarke
  • Dub Tiger
  • Joey Daniel
  • Wann Issara


The list is endless! Talking about the distinctness of the music festival is a challenging task! You have to be there to be on the seventh heaven! Get ready to fade away in the musical vibes on the glittering beaches of Portugal with the rhythm of best DJs.

Music enthusiast, have you booked your music festival tickets yet? The time is now! Get your tickets booked! Apart from the tickets just ensure to have a valid visa with you. In case, you don’t have your visa ready, apply for Portugal visa online now!


It is the perfect destination to escape from all the chaos of life and fade away in the musical vibes! Plan your tour now! Cheer! Be wild! Adieu Festival season!

Festas do Mar is calling! Get your visas ready!


If your heart beats faster for music, Cascais Portugal is where you should head to! Though Portugal is famous for countless music festival, yet Festas do Mar is something different! And it is a proven fact since 1965. This Portugal festival gathers almost 500,000 party goers to Cascais for 10-long days. The eclectic program acts as the magnet to attract the young souls towards Festas do Mar, every year.

The stage for the concert will be installed facing the natural amphitheatre of Bay of Cascais. The festival at sea welcomes countless big names of the music industry, to perform and take the event to new heights. Anselmo Ralph, Paulo Gonzo, Ana Moura and Electro Love are a few names.


However, the list is long!

To your surprise, Delfins will reunite after 10 years for the closing performance of the grand festival at sea 2019. This is not the end yet! The closing ceremony is divided into two parts.

In the first part, the stage will be occupied with several big musicians. It includes Ana Bacalhau, Jaona Espadinha, Maria Leon and many more! They will be accompanied by Sinfonica de Cascais.

In the second part, you can enjoy the mind-blowing performance of Delfins, accompanied by the Cascais symphony. Right after the last concert began the fireworks in Bahia. It is the traditional procession of Our Lady of the Navigators.

What are you waiting for? Apply for Portugal visa and fly to Cascais. In need of more inspiration! Here are a few more highlights of the fest.


The entrance to the 10 days sea music festival is free! The event will hit the Bay of Cascais on 16th August and it will spread the musical vibes till 25th August. The concert starts every day at 8:30 p.m. Save the dates, travellers! You are just a Portugal visa away!

Well, apart from the music festivals at sea, this fest offers you an opportunity to attend the Handicraft Show. Meanwhile, if you crave for good food, you can easily hop to snacks stall and satisfy your hunger for food.

Grab your visa and fly to Portugal this August! Rock & beat the heat!

Solemnity of Assumption Day of Virgin Mary is here!


Since 6th century, Assumption Day of the Blessed Virgin Mary has been celebrated is an important day in Christian history. In 1950, Pope Pius XII declared this Holy Day of Obligations for Catholics as a National Holiday. The feast of assumption is an important day in Catholic religion.

According to Catholic Churches’ belief, on this day, body and soul of Mother Mary assumed into heaven, leaving behind her Earthly life. The resurrection of Mary before she went to heaven is still a mystery!

The Assumption of Mary marks two events – The departure of Mary from Earthly life and assumption of her body into heaven. This feast imitate with a processions of the statue of Mother Mary on the streets followed by the mass.


Catholics in large number gathers in churches to attend the ceremony of assumption of Mary.  Apart from the feast of Assumption day, for some people on this national holiday plan their escape to the beaches! In addition, all the public services are closed on August 15 feast day.

Some museums are also included! However, assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary does not affect the shops in tourist areas. Keep in mind, churches will be closed for tourists during the solemnity of assumption day.


Assumption of Mary 2019 is approaching! Grab your visa for Portugal now! Head to Portugal this August and be a part of the grand celebration of the assumption of Blessed Mary.

Freedom Festival – Dance to the Psytrance Music in Forest Realm


Portugal is a fascinating holidaying destination to head to with family. With plethora of charismatic beaches, lavish landscapes, verdant blooming mountains & vineyards, Portugal offers an enthralling experience in nature’s lap. In addition to the mesmerizing natural beauty, Portugal is lauded for drawing millions of travel enthusiasts because of its exuberant events & music festivals such as Freedom Festival.

Portugal Carnivals not only help people escape from their tedious daily routine, but also offers a close encounter with the country’s traditions & customs. The festivals reflect how the natives have kept their roots grounded.


This August, the Coimbra district of Portugal will be transformed into a giant music festival destination. The astounding & unique Portugal Freedom Festival will be organized by the Crystal Matrix with lush green forest & trees in the backdrop.

We have complied all the necessary information that you must know before heading to the Portugal Freedom Festival 2019.

How & when did Freedom Festival Started?

The history of Freedom Festival dates back to the late 90s. A group of enthusiastic friends & active members of psychedelic artwork & music decided to start some creative & private parties for them & like-minded people.

Irrespective of being layman, the group carried a passion to launch parties that would meet their collective tastes for trance-music. As a result of their consistent efforts, the first DM team event was launched in year 2001. The event marked an intriguingly tranceition of Goa Trance to Psytrance & embraced the extensive international panorama.

The group’s strong desire to grow & evolve led to the introduction of their Clothing & Record Label, Crystal Matrix.

Various compilations & albums of Crystal Matrix along with artists such as Parasense, Shift, Talamasca, Astrix & Space Tribe helped it gain great success.

With the relentless desire to do something bigger & better, Crystal Matrix launched the Portugal Freedom Festival in year 2005.

The colossal Festival brings together trance-music & chill-out music fans from across the globe at one location.

Music lovers from all the age groups are invited to cherish & participate in a plethora of activities, relax & reinvigorate themselves in a chilled out & friendly atmosphere.


Freedom Festival 2019

The 7th Edition of the biennial Freedom Festival is back & it is going to be as fierce as ever. A massive line-up of the artists from around the globe are expected to join this

For the past 12 years, this Portugal festival was being held at the same location- Celorico da Beira. However, this year the Crystal Matrix Team has planned to organize the festival in a new venue – São Gião National Park, Oliveira do Hospital, Coimbra, Portugal. In order to provide better conditions & facilities to an increasingly demanding audience & participants, the venue has been changed.

The venue features an extensive beach area, a campsite, a picnic area & trees such as oaks, cedars, pine trees, poplars, willows & banana trees. Other facilities include restaurants, playground, pedestrian paths & accommodation in villas & rooms in the residential Choupal.

Major Highlights of the Freedom festival 2019:

The 2019 Edition of the Freedom Festival is set to take place in a forest realm, São Gião National Park. This magical forest area features large trees, an extensive beach area, a picnic spot & various other astounding facilities.

Some of the reasons that make the Freedom Festival 2019 a must-visit are:

1). Dance Forest: It is one of the two main stages that have been set up for Freedom Festival 2019. The stage will feature some of the top-notch Psytrance Music DJ’s of the planet.

2). Chill Garden: Chill Garden is the second main stage of the festival & will feature a widest spectrum of sounds ranging from psy-chill to ambient, dub to downtempo & minimal. The beats & melodies from techno, electronic & deep house will leave you spell-bound to rise & dance to the tunes.

All you need to get to this fascinating event is to apply for Portugal Visa.

3). Zen Island: Zen Island refers to a healing area dedicated to the health of the minds, souls & bodies.

The participants can reinvigorate themselves by indulging in workshops incorporating activities such as yoga, massage, meditation, exercising & stretching.

4). Kids Area: This year an entertainment zone for the little ones has been added. This area will be open from 9 AM to 12 PM & 2 PM to 8 PM.

Kids can indulge themselves in activities such as face paintings, inflatable castles & much more!


All the Psytrance Music Lovers out there, save the dates of the Freedom Festival & apply for Portugal Visa to avoid any last-time delay or hassle.

Paredes de Coura festival 2019 is calling!


Does your heart beat fast for music? Does music makes you happy? Are you a traveler too? Pack your bags and head to Portugal now! The oldest music festival in Portugal is back! Yes, it is Paredes de Coura festival. All it takes is a visa for Portugal to be a part of the mega event.

Sponsored by Vodafone, this music festival welcomes the expertise & fresh talent of different music genres. Be it Indie, Rock or Pop music, Paredes de Coura festival have them all! It is a proven fact since 1993! Initiated as a one-day event, the Paredes Portugal is continuously growing since then. Today, this event covers 4 musical days, which attracts a large number of music lovers every year.

The oldest music festival held in a natural amphitheater at the river beach of Tabuão. This picturesque woodland invites you to discover more in the Northern Portugal! Vodafone Paredes de Coura 2019 is a perfect destination to fade away in the musical vibes. With its rich history, the event has earned a good reputation for securing world-class artists along with encouraging the new talents.


The Vodafone Paredes de Coura 2019 will host the following aces of music industry:

  • The National
  • New Order
  • Julia Jacklin
  • Yellow Days
  • Balthazar
  • Patti Smith and Her Band

The list is long! Parcels, Spiritualized, Mitski, Crumb and many more! The liveliness of the Portugal music festival offers cannot be explained in words. You have to be there to enjoy the bliss!

The Vodafone Portugal will kick off on 14th August, 2019. For the next 4 days, it will spread the musical vibes in the whole country and culminates on 17th August.

Music lovers, save the dates! Plan your travel to Portugal now! Just ensure you have your visa for Portugal ready! Beat the heat with the oldest music festival in Portugal.


Neopop Festival 2019 – Portugal calling electronic music lovers!


Neopop festival 2019 Portugal is all set to thrill Music lovers! The timetable is out and fans have started preparing for this musical extravaganza! Portugal people have this festival every summer to beat the heat with the rhythm!

This Portugal music festival is the most respected EDM festival in the entire Portugal. People all over the world come together and fade into the fast electronic vibes every year.

Started in late 80s, it has continued to thrill the EDM-crowds every year. Every summer techno, house and electronic artists line up to create history. The beats and the heat both will make you feel nostalgic. Just meters away from the Atlantic in the coastal town of Viana do Castelo near Porto, three days of partying and fun!

With its intriguing live performances and some of the most renowned DJs from underground techno battles it will make history again this year in the month of August. So, people who have this festival enrolled in their bucket-lists, hurry and book tickets to the Neopop festival 2019.

This year it is going to begin at the 7th of August and ends at 10th of August. The line-up is inclusive of some of the best artists that include, Ben Klock, DVS1, Pan Pot, Richie Hawtin, Underworld and many more.


It surely had the pop aesthetics but, with contemporary world it rivaled into becoming an anti-pop and now it’s Neopop. From the sceneries to the beauty of the programming that makes it vivid during night.

Viana do Castelo can be kept in the list of cutest town due to its landscapes. This city is not just the one where you visit sites only whilst it is the one with lush green hills and flashy beaches that are native to the country. Hence, it’s not just a tourist catch but is romantic medieval wonder with Portuguese feel.

The city’s edge marks the housing of the Neopop within the medieval and monarchic walls of the 16th century fortress. This town was formerly known as a Portuguese port but later on it changed to a recent thriving industrial town. The industry is techno music-industry.

The line-up for this year’s Neo pop is:

  • Ben Klock 
  • Richie Hawtin
  • underworld
  • Amelie Lens 
  • Chris Liebing 
  • Dvs1
  • john Digweed 
  • Pan Pot 
  • Rødhåd
  • tale Of Us
  • 2jack4u 
  • Acid Pauli 
  • Amato & Adriani 
  • Colin Benders 
  • Dasha Rush 
  • Dax J 
  • Dj Deep B2b Zadig 
  • Hardfloor
  • Hector Oaks 
  • Interstellar Radio 
  • Surgeon
  • the Advent 
  • Wata Igarashi
  • ø [Phase] B2b Matrix man

With this line-up the history is far more than created, it is refined. The music enthusiasts hurry up and apply for online Portugal visa, book the festival tickets and enjoy the Neo Pop 2019.

NOS alive Festival is calling Music lovers!


Does music give you thrill? Does your heart beat faster for music? Do music makes you happy? Are you a traveler too? Pack your bags and head to Portugal. NOS alive festival is back to rock every corner of Portugal.

The beautiful Oeiras Coast held this music festival every year. Situated close to the capital city, Lisbon, Oeiras coast is a place with unique yet pleasant climate. The first and foremost requirement to reach the NOS festival is a Portugal visa.

With the major sponsorship of ‘NOS’, a Portuguese mobile operator, the music fest welcomes every genre of music. Be it rock, indie and alternative music, NOS alive have them all! The music festival embarked its journey in the year 2007 and featured many legends of music industry so far. Pearl Jam, Smashing Pumpkin, Arctic monkeys and Queens of the Stone Age are a few notable mentions.

A total of 3 musical days and three massive stages, what else a Music lover need! This acoustic fest will kick off on 11th July and spread the musical vibes till 13th July.

The NOS Portugal will host the following aces of music industry this year:

  • The Cure
  • The Smashing Pumpkins
  • Vampire Weekend
  • Bon Iver
  • Cut Copy

The list of NOS alive lineup is not over it!


It is next to impossible to explain the vividness offered by NOS alive festival 2019 in words! Hence, you have to be there to get the best! You can find a food hall, onsite hospital, police stand, ATM machines and separate clubbing tent in the festival area.

NOS alive festival is a perfect gateway to fade away in the musical vibes. It’s the perfect destination to escape for all the rock-sensible music fans.

Cheers music lovers! NOS alive festival 2019 is calling! Get wild! Beat the summer heat in Lisbon this year.

Afro Nation Festival – Live the musical vibes in Portugal


Is music what makes you happy!  Does your heart beat faster for music! Are you a traveler too! Pack your bags and prime yourself up for the exciting music event in Portugal. Are you thinking about MEO festival? Unfortunately, this time you are wrong!

Then what it is, Music enthusiasts?

Well, this time Portugal is hosting another summer scorcher – Afro Nation Festival.

Portugal visa.

This August, the list of Portugal music festival will have a new name. Music enthusiasts, get ready to encounter the debut edition of Afro Nation Festival 2019. Europe’s urban music beach festival welcomes all the exciting genres of music! Be it Afro-beats, hip hop, Rhythm and Blues (R&B), Dance-hall or Bashment, this music fest have them all.

Alongside the music festival, you can luxuriate in the boat and beach parties. Here is something for the VIP ticket holders. Congratulations! You can access the dedicated areas and private bar.

This stunning beach music festival will spread the musical vibes from 1st August to 4th August on Praia da Rocha, Portugal.  Music enthusiasts, save the dates!


The vividness of Afro Nation Festival cannot be described in words! You have to be there to get the best out of it. Make sure to get your Portugal visa ASAP!

Music lovers, the magnificent Portugal music festival is calling!

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