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Flamboyant Events & Festivals In Portugal

Flamboyant Events & Festivals In Portugal

Wild Atlantic Beaches, gorgeous sunsets, scrumptious cuisine, medieval castles, cobblestone villages, captivating cities and golden beaches etc – Portugal never ceases to surprise the world with its ostentatious destinations & drooling culinary specialties.

Portugal is the most preferred tourist spot in Europe where you can spend morning surfing awesome waves & the afternoon skiing down snowy slopes. A connoisseur of alcohol is sure to love this country as Portugal is home to hundreds of award-winning wines. To carouse some bubbles of sparkling Portuguese wines, grab Portugal Visa now.

This is not all! Portugal is a country where you can hike up a 7,000 ft tall peak, explore centuries-old cities and castles & savor one of the world’s best kept culinary secrets.

It is difficult to say a ‘no’ to all of that. Moreover, with the sustained increase in expenses for the living, travelling & exploring to live one’s dream may seem a hard cookie. However, Portugal stands out of all the tourist destinations in Europe as it is the cheapest option for a trip for people on a tight budget.

Portugal is a trendy country that attracts big international events like a magnet. The country also has its own major events that attract millions throughout the year. The bottom line is: wherever & whenever you go, you won’t get bored in Portugal. The month of February is one of the best times of the year to fly to Portugal. So get your Portugal Visa & gather memories for life.

The main highlights during this time of the year in Portugal include:

1. Algarve Granfondo- February 19th: If you love cycling, this one is for you! The Algarve Granfondo Cofidis is a type of long distance road cycling ride held in Algarve, a beautiful southern coastline of Portugal. This competition gives adrenaline junkies a stupendous opportunity to take you around the stunning countryside of the Algarve region. Deemed one of the best early season cycling competitions, Algarve Granfondo is open to everyone.

The competition is available in varied options:

• Granfrando which is the longest i.e. 140 km.
• Mediofondo is 83 km long cycling race.
• Minifondo, the shortest of all i.e. 50 km

Based on the stamina and comfort you could choose to participate in any one of the above mentioned cycling rides. Apply for Portugal Visa online to be a part of this amazing cycling competition.

2. Carnaval (Entrudo): Falling on different days every year, Carnaval is a national level event in Portugal that is particularly live & exciting in Lisbon, Maderia & Algarve Towns. The carnival is all about fun, music, costumes & plenty of food. The elaborate costumes of the carnival are something to behold. The excitement of getting dressed in varied costumes can be seen with the month’s long preparation for the celebration. From feathers to metals to sequins, you will see it all.

The natives are meticulous in preparing the costume & are focused on ensuring that every detail is perfected. Though the carnival is all about fun, the preparation is hard work. Parades of people dressed in costumes are held, a tradition that comes from medieval times.

Even if you have attended the carnival celebration elsewhere, you simply must experience the Portugal carnival. A Portugal Schengen visa is all it takes to witness the amazing carnival that will have you awe struck.

The beginning of the year is the best time to experience the cities and the people of Portugal. If you want to have fun and to let loose on vacation then apply for Portugal Visa online carnival & relish the myriad of festivity treasures.

Cherish Exuberant & Jaunty New Year Vibes of Portugal

Portugal is distinguished for its varied geographical locations & charismatic beaches. From verdant blooming mountains to medieval farmland villages, from traditional Port Wine to delicious custard tarts, this seraphic destination of Europe has so much up its sleeve than one can ever dream of. No wonder tourism in Portugal has been sailing on a wave of triumph.

Just like any other country, Portugal has its own unique way of celebrating forthcoming New Year. The plethora of iconic venues of Portuguese capital offer unique experiences & environment for every preference ranging from a buoyant celebration at Alentejo or Douro to fiestas in Lisbon or Porto.

New Year is a great time to explore Portugal cities & savor their irresistible charm. People from all over the world are looking for ways to get a Visa for Portugal to celebrate New Year in Portugal. Apply for Portugal visa online with us by paying nominal Portugal Visa fees & celebrate New Year’s Eve in a unique way with your beloved.

We have hand-picked some of the prime activities that you shouldn’t miss while celebrating New Year in Portugal:

1. Unforgettable New Year’s Eve Gala at Madeira: New Year’s Eve is round the corner & Madeira’s weather is enticing travel enthusiasts from around the globe to escape in the vibrancy of its night-time festivities. You can witness amazing fireworks display of Funchal on New Year’s Eve or relish authentic Portugal cuisines from local restaurants or bars. It is advisable to book flights to Portugal in advance so as to avoid the stress of a last minute booking. Contact us at Portugal visa online services & we will get things materialized for you.

2. Join the Traditional Portuguese Way of Celebrating New Year’s Eve: Portuguese observe an iconic tradition of eating twelve raisins coupled with sparkling wine, one at each stroke of mid-night. Each raisin represents a month of the forthcoming year. Portuguese make a wish as they swallow down each raisin. On New Year’s Eve grab this opportunity to blend with the locals as you wash down your midnight snack with a glass of champagne & do not forget to make-a-wish as you devour each raisin.

You can also relish the traditional Portuguese cake, Bolo-Rei, which is prominently consumed by locals from 25th December to 6th January. This scrumptious cake is a ring of brioche pastry filled & topped with dried & crystalline fruit. People are applying for Portugal visa online to celebrate New Year in a traditional Portuguese way.

3. Dance along the Streets of Porto & Lisbon: Porto is renowned for exuberant free concerts in the main streets & squares accompanied by a dazzling firework display by the river. You can witness innumerable people wandering along the Ribeira District & Avenida dos Aliados, dancing to the live outdoor music. Join the crowd at prime squares of the city to celebrate New Year’s Eve in unique & amazing way.

As an alternative, you can join the giant New Year’s celebration in Praça do Comércio (also known as Terreiro do Paço), one of the prime squares of the Portuguese capital, Lisbon. You can delight in the various live concerts & spectacular firework displays across the city.

The New Year Charms of Portugal are, however, not limited to galas or street dances. You can head to Algarve’s region of Portugal and find a perfect place to have a beach party, take a cruise boat along the Douro River & explore some of the picturesque landmarks of the country or head to Peneda-Gerês and the Serra da Estrela mountains for the unique adventurous experience.

Grab a Portugal Visa online today by paying a nominal Portugal visa fees & head to this seraphic destination of Europe to celebrate New Year’s Eve in an astounding way.

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