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Business Visa

Business Visa

Portugal has a reputation of being a leisure city. It has rapidly grown into premier business and recreation tourist destination. This city has emerged as an international metropolis with state-of-the-art infrastructure and modern venues. The innovative city boasts a world class infrastructure with excellent connectivity, well maintained roads and jaw dropping tourist attractions. So grab your Visa for Portugal and experience the modern architectural elegance at its best.

Applicants, who intend to travel to Portugal for business purposes, i.e. visiting a business/company to have meetings, to recruit, to train, to make business deals or other work related activities can apply for Portugal Business Visa.

However, to apply for this Visa for Portugal, your business visa application should be confirmed by an invitation letter from a business/company based in Portugal. Otherwise an applicant needs to apply for Portugal Tourist Visa

You can also seek for Portugal Business Visa for the following cases:

  • Employees who have to attend or are actively involved in a conference/seminar/workshop organized by their company or another company directly related to their company.
  • Students going to attend a conference/seminar/workshop related to their studies

However, the purpose of attending the conference/seminar/workshop should be clearly mentioned in the Employer letter.

To know the eligibility criteria and visa documents required please Visit our Visa Documents.

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