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Trans madeira 2022 – The Ultimate MTB Race in Portugal

Trans madeira 2022 – The Ultimate MTB Race in Portugal

Trans madeira 2022

Mountain biking is the best way to travel to new places, explore new routes, and live life at a unique pace. And Portugal’s Trans Madeira 2022 can offer you just that and much more!

Madeira, a Portuguese island in the centre of the Atlantic Ocean, has been paving its path to becoming one of the top mountain biking locations on the planet for the past ten years!

Madeira offers some of the finest adventure experiences and that is one of the reasons for this charming place to be on your bucket list. With big mountains, gorgeous scenery, wonderful food, warm weather all year, and over 600 years of history and culture, Madeira offers something for everyone!

When you combine all of this with some of the toughest and most distinctive mountain bike courses, you have a race and a ride to remember. Feel like getting a Visa for Portugal to take part in the exhilarating MTB race? Before you do that, read our guide to know all about the amazing race and interesting things that you can do in Madeira.

What is Trans Madeira 2022?

The Ultimate MTB Race in Madeira – Trans Madeira organized by Cannondale combines the best of what the island has to offer with five days of exciting racing in some of the world’s most varied terrain.

The event explores most of the topography of the island – starting high in the mountains and ending at the sea. The sixth iteration, dubbed Summer Edition, will take place from May 31 to June 4, 2022, and an additional edition, dubbed Autumn Edition, will take place from September 20 to September 24, 2022!

Prepare for 220 kilometres of riding, 30 exceptional stages, and a week of touring the North, South, East, and West! Expect to ride across a dynamic terrain from stage to stage, as well as experience some of the island’s most iconic single tracks in a stress-free bike camp adventure race!

Trans Madeira 2022 Dates – 31st May to 4th June


Trans Madeira 2022 Package

The organizers of the Trans Madeira are offering an exclusive package for all the interested participants which will include:

  • Accommodation for 6 nights
  • 4 meals per day
  • Medical assistance
  • Airport transfers
  • Access to media content of the event
  • Logistics i.e., baggage, shuttle and bike box transportation
  • Sponsor gifts and timing chips
  • Custom number plates, event jersey, access to food zones, sports massage sections, free local & traditional drinks, professional mechanics, bike wash facilities and much more!

Trans madeira 2022

The package offered by Trans Madeira organizers is priced at 1790 Euros. This package includes participation and facilities for both the summer and autumn editions of Trans Madeira 2022.

4 Exciting Things to do in Madeira


Visit Pico Ruivo – The Perfect Place for Adventure Seekers

If you’re willing to try something new and adventurous then head over to, Madeira’s highest mountain which boasts a height of 1,862m.

The beautiful yet thrilling mountain is walk-able if you have the correct shoes and the weather is favorable. The hike begins at the Pico do Arieiro and takes around six hours.

Although there are quicker, more manageable approaches to the peak (such as from Achada do Teixeira), this trail offers the most stunning scenery. The beauty of the sights along the journey and on the summit can only be described in words.

Mosses, ferns, and heather give the Rocky Mountains a green hue, and you’ll want to stop along the way to photograph the birdlife and reptiles.

Enjoy a Monte Sledge Ride

A heart-racing ride on a Monte Sledge is a must-do on your trip to Madeira Island. You are propelled down the hill inside a traditional wicker basket that is fitted with skis instead of the regular wheels. You get to glide down the road with the help of two ‘drivers.’

It’s a bizarre and old ritual that you must do during your stay… though be warned, you will fall down sideways at times! It’s honestly a lot of fun and probably one of the finest things to do in Madeira if you’re looking for something different!

Visit Ponta de São Lourenço – Soak in Panoramic Views

A captivating nature reserve in Madeira’s extreme east contains massive volcanic rocks stained with crimson hues. It’s a hike worth doing for the breathtaking vistas of the Atlantic and photographs that appear to be from the farthest reaches of the globe.

It’s also because of the climate and soil that uncommon flowering plants like cardoons and everlastings thrive. There’s no evidence of human habitation after the new Quinta do Lorde Resort, except for a few rest stations with picnic tables.

Trans madeira 2022

Almost every bend on the approach to a charming place and the lookouts like the breathtaking Ponta do Furado will steal your breath away.

Explore Black Volcanic Islands

Madeira Island, which is volcanic in origin, offers some spectacular black sand beaches that you should explore. Praia do Porto do Seixal is a great place to go swimming while admiring the stunning island scenery. It’s truly stunning.

Got all the information you need to materialize your travel to Portugal? Now, all you need is a Portugal Visa UK. Simply apply for it online and take part in one of the most popular mountain biking races in the world!