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Afro Nation Portugal 2022–A Magnanimous Music Festival

Afro Nation Portugal 2022–A Magnanimous Music Festival

Afro nation Portugal 2022

An annual Afrobeats, hip-hop, R&B, dancehall and amapiano festival takes place each summer on the magnificent Praia da Rocha beach south of Portimao. The festival is known as Afro Nation Portugal 2022.

While previous Afro Nation festivals were postponed, this year’s event will take place in Portugal, where some of the world’s most famous artists will be in attendance for another glittering weekend.

Official Dates of the Event – 1st to 3rd July 2022

In spite of Covid-19’s hardship, Afro Nation 2022 is likely to be a huge success. The three-day festival will feature a world-class program of stage concerts and DJ sets from some of the most exciting personalities in the music industry.

In addition to the main event, there will be boat and beach parties, as well as VIP zones and a separate bar for those who purchase VIP tickets. The festival will be held at Praia da Rocha, Portimao’s magnificent beach.

Feel like getting a Portugal Visa UK and taking part in this glittering music fest? Before you make all the travel arrangements, take a few minutes to quickly understand all the amazing things the Afro Nation Portugal has in store for you!

The World-Class Venue of Afro nation Portugal 2022

With 125 miles of shoreline and a typical July temperature of 25 degrees, the Algarve is the ideal vacation spot for those who crave golden sand and crystal-clear water.

Tourism, leisure, and retail are major industries in Portimao, the main city in western Algarve.

You’ll find a distinct Portuguese flavor throughout the city’s historic centre, and there’s plenty to keep you busy during your visit. With a wide range of activities to choose from, there’s something for every traveler.

The major beach of Portimao can be found about two miles south of the city at Praia da Rocha.

Afro nation Portugal 2022

In Portuguese, Praia da Rocha means “Rocky Beach,” in reference to the beach’s surrounding red-rock cliffs. Afro Nation Portugal has found its rightful home on one of the Algarve’s busiest and liveliest beaches.

Why is Afro Nation Portugal 2022 Popular?


The Reach of African Music

A festival like Afro Nation, which celebrates music from all around Africa’s diaspora, is just one example of how African music is reaching new audiences around the world. An international star-studded line-up for the event is a testament to the growing power of Africa’s music industry.

Star-studded Lineup 2022

Some of the popular artists who will be performing live in the music event are P-Square, Burna Boy, Chris Brown, and Megan as well as Jamaican dancehall star Beenie Man.

A Large Number of Attendees

An audience of 20,000 music lovers from all around Europe gathered at the last Afro Nation Portugal, a celebration of African-origin musical traditions.

World-renowned Organizers and Partners

Presented by Event Horizon, a prominent global producer of live entertainment events, and in partnership with Live Nation, the world’s largest live entertainment organization, Afro Nation has sold half a billion tickets since its inception. Additionally,

Afro Nation collaborates with SMADE Entertainment, MOT, and BBC Radio 1Xtra, all of which are key media partners.

Africa’s music industry is expanding, and huge foreign players are getting in on the action.

Did you know? Major record labels such as Sony Music, Universal Music Group and even Warner Music Group Universal Music Group are entering the African market!

In part, this growth is due to the fact that the population is younger and more technologically advanced. The ‘orange economy’, a phrase coined by the World Bank to describe the creative businesses that attract young, tech-savvy workers, is a major component of this.

Local musicians now have greater options because of the growing popularity of live music among Africa’s young urban population, especially in the continent’s main cities. Digital streaming services have allowed African artists to reach a bigger audience because of improved technology!

Major Highlights of the Portugal festival 2022


A Wide Range of Music Genres

Afrobeats, Hip Hop, RnB, Dancehall, Amapiano, Afro House, and more will be represented at Afro Nation Portugal 2022. Over the course of the three-day festival, guests can expect top-notch production values, legendary live acts, and cutting-edge DJ sets.

Wonderful Stages

The Praia Da Rocha beach in Portimao serves as the main site for the festival, which features three stages. A private beach will be available to VIPs. They will have premium access to these sections.

The Hennessy Sky Terrace – A Premium Offering

The largest Afro beats festival in the world is now available to you through the event’s most luxurious offering – The Hennessy Sky Terrace.  The Hennessy Sky Terrace is a haven of elegance and relaxation for those who appreciate it. Tables are spread across two levels of the Sky Terrace, and everyone has a spectacular view of the event.

With its front-and-centre location and capacity for 10 guests, the one-of-a-kind Platinum table is the ultimate in opulence.

Sustainable Initiatives at Afro nation Portugal 2022

As part of their African tree planting campaign, Afro Nation is proud to join with C Free and plant a tree for every ticket sold to Afro Nation Portugal 2022. In both Madagascar and Kenya, local tree species are being planted.

Afro nation Portugal 2022

A large percentage of the trees being planted are mangroves, which aid in soil stabilization, water quality improvement, and the preservation of endangered marine species. Additionally, mangroves are excellent carbon sinks, removing four times as much carbon from the atmosphere as rainforests do.

Afro nation Portugal Tickets 2022

The Regular Passes

The General Admission Access Ticket allows you to visit the festival venue and take part in the activities for all the 3 days of the event. The ticket starts at 302 Euros.

VIP and Golden Tickets

The following are included in VIP tickets:

  • VIP entrance to the festival venue
  • Shaded chairs and a dining area with table service
  • Access to VIP festival beach with sea access – Faster service at various VIP bars
  • The hotel’s bathrooms and showers are luxurious.
  • VIP ticket starts at 401 Euros per person.

The following features are included in the golden tickets:

Access to the main stage from the best seats in the house, as well as exclusive access through Golden Tickets and Wristbands, means that you are exempt from the festival’s bag rules.

The official ANP2022 welcome drink will be served on the first day of the conference. Golden Tickets start at 604 Euros.

Important Information for Travelers


How to Reach the Venue of the Portugal festival 2022?

As a popular tourist location, the Algarve is quite accessible. Find out more information and begin making travel arrangements:

Faro and Portimao are each roughly an hour’s drive apart. Taxis from the airport to downtown cost about €55, and there are also bus and coach transportation options available.

Age Restrictions

A valid photo ID is required for access to Afro Nation Portugal, which is restricted to those 18 years of age and older. At least 18 years old is required for purchasing alcoholic beverages at the festival.

Stay in the Loop for Event Schedule and Timings

A detailed breakdown of each day’s performances and set times will be released prior to the festival. Sign up for the email list or follow the event organizers on Instagram to stay in the loop.

Afro nation Portugal 2022


Quality hotels, villas, and apartments are plentiful in the Algarve because it is such a popular tourist destination.

The festival will be held at the following locations: All of Praia Da Rocha, Portimao, Alvor, Carvoeiro, as well as Lagoa.

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Festa de São João do Porto 2022– A Display of Portuguese Traditions

Festa de São João do Porto 2022

The month of June is widely recognized in Portugal as a time to honor several saints. The Festa de São João do Porto 2022 is actually a finale celebration of the five-week revelries. The five-week-long Festa de So Joo celebration comes to a magnanimous close on this day i.e., 23rd June 2022.

The city of Porto holds its annual Festa de são joão do Portoon the 23rd of June, which includes traditional music, dance, jumping over bonfires, and eating grilled sardines.

At midnight, tens of thousands of people gather to honor St. John and watch spectacular fireworks displays.

Planning to get a Visa for Portugal so that you can take part in this glorious celebration of traditions and customs? Before you do that, read this brief guide that throws light on all the exciting revelries, customs and traditions of Festa de são joão do Porto.

Attractions of Festa de São João do Porto 2022

Discover Unique Traditions of the Festival of São João do Porto

There are some unique pagan rituals in this Porto event. Garlic flowers or inflatable hammers might be used as weapons in street fights (traditions of Portugal – Not actual street brawls).

Garlic flowers or inflatable hammers might be used as weapons in street fights (traditions of Portugal – Not actual street brawls). The Sun is worshipped as a divinity, and hence the fireworks which are believed to have pagan origins are showcased in all their glory. The festival actually began as a pagan practice in the 14th century of honoring the Sun and crops.

São João festival in Porto – A Month Long Festivity

In Porto, the St. John’s Festivities are a yearly event that attracts thousands of tourists and visitors who participate in the different events that take place across the city over the course of a month or so.

São João festival Portugal–Event Celebrating Good Health &Fertility

The festival is known to celebrate fertility. That is why locals used to hang a leek on the wall of the house (for good luck), and today, people walk around with a leek flower in their hands to touch the faces of people.

Festa de São João do Porto 2022

The festival’s use of herbs isn’t going away any time soon because of its roots in Portuguese culture and traditions.

People still believe bush basils, for example, provide health, good luck, and wealth in addition to their curative benefits. That’s why you will see them on sale in the streets of many Portugal cities.

Why the name Festival of St John of Porto 2022?

St. John’s dates back to the 14th century when it began as a pagan festival honoring the Sun deity and a time to rejoice in the plentiful harvest. In honor of Saint John the Baptist, it was transformed into a Christian festival in the 16th century.

Despite the fact that similar celebrations like the ones we have today have been held in Porto for over six centuries, the importance of Saint John the Baptist to the city’s residents only began to grow in the 19th century.

As a result of this, the city’s most important holiday became a Christian feast.  Another interesting truth about this festival is that it’s not commonly known outside of Portugal, despite the fact that it’s one of the most lively street celebrations in the country.

Festivities go for around five weeks leading up to the busiest and longest night of the year, from June 23rd to June 24th, the night of St. John, known locally as ” São João,” or “St. John’s Night.”

Things you Shouldn’t Miss atthe São João festival in Porto

Don’t Miss Peak Festivities on 23rd June

During celebrations of the São João festival Portugal, the night of June 23rd serves as the crescendo of the festivities.

The city comes alive with people, colour, and a general sense of happiness on this particular night. Barbecuing sardines in any section of the city is a popular custom, which includes loud music and endless entertainment.

Festa de São João do Porto 2022

Relish the Caldo Verde – A Traditional Delight during São João

If you’re in Portugal on St. John’s Day, you can’t go wrong with the traditional “caldo verde” (shredded green cabbage soup), lamb and pepper salad, and a creamy custard or St. John’s cake to finish off the dinner!

Soft Hammers & Bonfires– A São João Staple

Selling the traditional “soft squeaky plastic hammers” (used to knock passers-by on the head was introduced by university students during the “Queima das Fitas” celebrations) is another distinctive feature of the festival.

Locals light bonfires in honor of St. John and jump on top of them in order to keep the custom alive. They believe that the purifying characteristics of fire may be used for both their health and marriage.

The Mesmerizing Night Sky during São João festival Portugal

Traditional St. John’s balloons, constructed of multi-colored paper, are placed along all of the city’s major thoroughfares to complete the street decorations. There are also hundreds of larger balloons launched into the sky which creates an amazing view of the night sky!

Decorated Altars in the Church on Festa de São João do Porto 2022

The altars in honor of this beloved saint are also embellished in the churches. A type of tiny model representing former daily life and traditions in various regions of this city, with clay figurines of people performing various vocations and activities, can be found in the streets as the traditional ‘cascatas’ (waterfalls).

Other Traditions of the Festival of St John of Porto 2022

The Fireworks of São João do Porto

Fireworks light up the sky over the Douro River around midnight. There is a large crowd gathered along the river’s banks to take in the spectacle.

Walk along the River on Dawn

To end the night, some partygoers choose to walk along the river from Ribeira to Foz do Douro, where they wait for morning.

The Rabelo Boat & Campaigns – Don’t Miss This!

To celebrate the arrival of summer, on June 24th, the world-famous Rabelo Boat Regatta will take place, including beautiful boats that normally adorn the Douro River.

In order to raise awareness about Port wine and its various brands, the Confraria do Vinho do Porto (Brotherhood of Port Wine) conducts a campaign.

While sailing upriver, sails are hoisted with names of port wine producers, and the winners are awarded in front of Casa Sandeman, to music and entertainment, at the end of a day filled with festivities and festivities.

Festa de São João do Porto 2022

Port wine barrels were once transported by Rabelo boats from the Upper Douro region to Vila Nova de Gaia, where they were kept before being shipped out of Porto for sale around the world. Hence, they are used nowadays to keep traditions alive!

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EDC Portugal 2022–A Music Festival fit for Partygoers


EDC Portugal 2022celebrates its 25th anniversary with a massive European rendition on the Praia da Rocha beach in Portimao, bringing the international dance event back to Europe.

Electric Daisy Carnival’s huge and exciting lineup will encompass the electronic music spectrum, bringing together the best artists from the worlds of EDM, house, techno, drum and bass, trance, and more.

All of this will take place under EDC’s famous production, which will include massive stage production, pyrotechnics, and performers, creating a one-of-a-kind festival experience.

Important NoteEDC Portugal 2022 will be substituted by Secret Project 2022, which will operate on the very same dates and at the same venue as EDC Portugal 2022. Ticketholders for EDC Portugal will be able to convert their passes to the new event or receive a refund. All ticket holders will be contacted in the near future to discuss the next steps.

Official Dates of the Event – 17th to 19th June 2022

So, even though you might not be able to enjoy the famed Electric Daisy Carnival, you will get an even better opportunity of taking part in the pilot edition of the Secret Project. What is the Secret Project 2022 all about? Read on to find out!

Why is Secret Project replacing  EDC Portugal 2022?

Here is the official statement of the EDC Portugal event organizers:

They have decided that they will not be able to completely offer an EDC experience this June due to challenges unique to EDC.

While they are sad, they are pleased to launch the first Secret Project Festival in Portugal with some of the top house, techno, and bass music lineups in the world. The Secret Project will be hosted on the same dates as the EDC Portugal and the best part is its venue i.e. the Praia Da Rocha.

What is the Secret Project 2022?

The Secret Project Festival, which will take the place of the Electric Daisy Carnival Portugal, is a new festival born in the thriving underground scene of downtown Los Angeles. The event known for its daytime experiences is set to expand beyond its origins – blending art, ground-breaking technology, and skillfully curated dance and techno music.

EDC Portugal 2022

Secret Project, which has had successful iterations in Los Angeles, Miami, and Amsterdam, brings together music fans from all over the world in new places with plenty of dancefloors.

Secret Project x EDC Portugal 2022 Lineup

The organizers of the Secret Project 2022 will be building 3 stages that will be used by artists from around the world for performances.

The headliners of the event will include Adam Beyer presents Drumcode, Charlotte de Witte, Eric Prydz, Jamie Jones, Tale of Us and other renowned artists.

Here is a brief list of the lineup according to the different stages at the event:

The Workshop

Alan Fitzpatrick, Boris Brejcha, Cirez D, Joris Voom, Pleasurekraft and more.

The Project

ARTBAT, Chris Stussy, Hot Since 82, Loco Dice and more.

The Sanctuary

Born on Road, Chase & Status, DJ Hype. Macky Gee and more.

Highlights of the Secret Project 2022

Day & Night Revelries on the Beach

Secret Project Portugal takes inspiration from a one-of-a-kind extravaganza of club culture in Los Angeles and brings it to the intriguing Portuguese seaside locales.

From the heat of mid-afternoon to the Golden Hour and further into the night, 80+ professional and world-renowned DJs will play the best in techno, house and drum & bass across three stages on the beach: The Workshop, The Project, and The Sanctuary.

The Algarve Magic

The Algarve region holds many surprises, including some of Europe’s best beaches, a year-round sunny climate, fascinating towns and villages, national parks, and fantastic lodging alternatives.

EDC Portugal 2022

The organizers bring the music and the dance floors, and Portugal takes care of the rest!

Secret Project x EDC Portugal 2022 tickets

The organizers of the Secret Portugal festival are allowing ticket holders of the Electric Daisy Carnival Music Festival to convert/transfer for use in the Secret Project event. However, If you haven’t booked your EDC Portugal 2022 ticket then you can head over to the official website or here ( to book your tickets.

These are the following tickets that you will come across:

Day-wise Tickets

These tickets are valid for each day of the festival and they start at 77 Euros.

General Admission Tickets

These tickets are valid from 17th to 19th June 2022. These tickets come in 2 variants namely:

  • General Admission – starts at 211 Euros
  • General Admission Payment Plan – starts at 222 Euros with a 32 Euro payment for immediate slot booking.

VIP Tickets

  • VIP Tickets – tickets start from 256 Euros and it offers VIP access to the festival area.
  • VIP Payment Plan – The booking amount is 49 Euros and the total ticket price starts at 256 Euros. So, if you want to book your VIP slots now and pay the rest later then you can go for this ticket plan.


The organizers are looking forward to seeing you all for three days and nights of revelry on the beach in Portimao, which is located in the sun-drenched Algarve region of southern Portugal.

The Algarve is easily accessible from practically any European city, and airfares are less expensive than you may expect.

Beautiful hotels, Airbnb alternatives, and budget rooms may all be found in Portimo’s immediate vicinity. Tap for additional information and to make a reservation.

How to Reach the Secret Project 2022 Venue?

Faro International Airport is the closest airport to the festival. The airport has a large number of domestic and international flights.

EDC Portugal 2022

The cost of a taxi from the airport to Portimao is approximately €55. Bus and coach services are also available.

You may get to Praia da Rocha by cab, foot, or public transportation once you arrive in Portimao.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your Portugal Visa UK and head over to charming Portugal to take part in the exciting Secret Project Festival 2022!